How to Maximize Your Mailing List Potential

When it comes to mail marketing, there are several components to what makes a successful campaign. What information are you distributing? How are your presenting your product? How often are you reaching out? At the end of the day, though, none of these things matter if your information isn’t reaching the right people. Choosing who […]


The Difference Between Email and Direct Mail Campaigns

In many different businesses and industries, we’re seeing a “retrograde” trend toward more old fashioned ways of doing things. Just look at vinyl records. Ten years ago, you would have laughed at someone for holding onto those old records, let alone actually using a turntable to play music at home. Today, vinyl is once again […]

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Three Unique Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Businesses today, whether small or large, are constantly fighting to make their voices heard. Digital marketing has swept across the majority of global industries. It’s easy and fast. It’s instantaneous, can be easily tracked (at least in theory), and it offers a virtually endless reach (again, in theory). The problem is, everybody has jumped on […]

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What Can Virtual Marketing Learn from Direct Mail?

For many years, all you heard about was the power of digital marketing. Businesses flocked to SEO specialists, digital advertising firms, and email marketing gurus to give them guidance and help them forge a path to success. But in recent years, businesses have realized that digital advertising and promotions aren’t everything. As the business world […]


Why Do Some Direct Mail Campaigns Fail?

Despite the digital marketing renaissance of the 21st century (and all that comes with it), direct mail has remained relevant as a way to reach people. This comes as a surprise to many business experts, who thought that traditional ways of marketing would be completely overwhelmed by the digital side of things. It’s certainly true […]


Five Amazing Facts about Direct Mail

Some business managers have given up on direct mail. Their reasoning? “It’s just not relevant anymore. Digital marketing is where it’s at. E-mail is cheaper and more effective. Nobody reads paper mail anymore.” In fact, this reasoning isn’t as solid as you might think. It’s certainly true that marketing has been changed forever by the […]