How to Design a Business Card that People Will Keep?

They can easily differentiate you from the competition, as they are less common than the horizontals. Keep Your Design Simple Many design novices have a belief that simple is boring but that is not the case with business cards. Minimal business card designs can be quite elegant as they allow enough room to add important … Read more

What Paper Should I Print Business Cards On?

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Also known as the dull card stock, matte stock is the most preferred business card stock because of its clean, smooth, and non-shiny surface. This card stock offers an elegant look and feel, one that can be written on just in case contact details such as telephone numbers and emails got changed or added. They … Read more

How Should I Word a Wedding Invitation Response?

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Some common response wording choices may include will attend or with regrets, gladly accepts or regretfully declines, stoked and cannot wait or sad to miss it. Other responses may be delighted to be there or toasting from afar, I would love to be there or apologies, but with genuine and sound reasons, will be there … Read more

What Are The Most Effective Promotional Products?

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In addition, most people have study rooms or desks in their houses. Desk accessories may generate so many impressions especially if the costumer does not work in an office but they will always have your brand on their minds every time they use the accessories even at home. Promotional Power Banks Research findings show that … Read more

Tips to Consider When Designing a Business Card

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Select the Most Appropriate Shape and Size Business cards often vary in terms of size and orientation. This influences the size of the text and the amount of information that can be written on the card. Horizontal rectangular cards are very popular because they have been used for a very long time. You can differentiate … Read more