Calls to Action on a Printed Flyer?

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A call to action invites a user or a reader to take the desired action and is mostly used by brands to increase leads and conversion. You can always write the best copy for your printed marketing media but if you do not emphasize a call to action then it would not amount to anything when you think about the return on investment. Too many calls to action on one printed flyer could bore the reader and just one call to action may not be enough to convince your audience to perform a task. This article discusses the best ways to write a call to action on a printed flyer and the way to make it work best for you.

Using Call to Action on Flyers

Printed flyers can be an effective marketing strategy to drive sales, increase engagement, and establish your brand in your area of operation. A call to action is one of the major factors that determine the effective return on investment for your flyer distribution. A simple flyer design can help to emphasize a call to action for your targeted audience. However, the number of times you add a call to action on a flyer depends on whether you want each of them to react with your audience in a certain way or a specific direction.

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There is no standard rule that dictates how many calls to action should exist on a printed flyer because it depends on your audience, and the outcome you are looking for. However, since modern consumers like choices, you can always limit the options to 3 action items. For instance, if your brand supports the prevention of animal abuse, you could use one or all of the following calls to action; “Donate to SPCA!”, “Adopt a pet today!”, or” Volunteer at your local shelter!”.

It is also important to use images in your flyer as they help to compel your audience. Sometimes less is more and using at least three bullet points to describe your event, action, or outcome could yield massive results. This does not mean that you should stick to 3 action items as it depends on your target audience as well as the outcome you are looking for. It is all about creativity and aiming for sure leads and conversions.

How to Make Your Printed Flyer Work Best For You

  • Understand the Needs of Your Audience

It is important to understand what products or services you are offering your potential customers to answer a need they have. It is all about identifying a need or a problem that a targeted demographic has or can relate to and then presenting your product or service as a solution. A compelling call to action can help readers and other potential customers take up your offer of a solution to their problems.

  • Be Clear in Your Call to Action

Since you are giving instructions by telling your customers what they need to do, it is important to be clear and precise in what you say. No one likes vague instructions and clarity requires simplicity and the call to perform a specific task that is within the potential of a customer’s ability. This involves spelling out exactly what the potential customers should do and how a specific product or service will benefit them.

  • Use Action Words and Phrases

Some verbs are more passive than others are and not all verbs are created equal. Active verbs are associated with a physical activity that could be performed in a literal manner by a potential customer, while passive verbs describe actions that cannot be carried out in a literal, physical sense. A working call to action needs to have a strong verb, as they need to evoke ‘action’ and spur a reaction in potential customers.

  • Keep it Simple and Urgent

The more complicated your call to action is, the less likely people will act upon it. It is also important for your target audience to have everything they need to complete a call to action. For instance, provide them with a URL for your website or your number so that they can call you. It is also important to foster a sense of urgency if you want your audience to react sooner than later.

Calls to action can be your strongest pitching strategy in every printed marketing campaign. Flyers are still an effective and proven way of promoting your brand and increasing sales conversion but it needs to be done right. Since modern customers like choices, you can limit your options to at least three calls to action on a printed flyer that are simple, clear, and deliver a sense of urgency to your target audience.