Direct Mail

directmailing5What is the hardest part of a direct mail campaign? Dealing with complicated, ever-changing postal regulations!

Let Kintech put our expertise to work for you, securing the best postage rates and the fastest delivery with less stress for you. Direct Mail is a great way for a business to place their message or offer right into the hands of their potential client. Whether it is a postcard with an offer or a flier detailing your capabilities you can be assured that it will get there in the most cost effective way. All done right in house.

Whether you send us your printed pieces or have us print it for you, Kintech has all the necessary tools and equipment to process your direct mail project quickly and efficiently. Don’t have a list? Don’t worry, we can get one for you with the criteria you want in order to reach the customer you are looking for. Better yet, by processing your mailing with our Postal Regulated Software, we can cut your postage by half!

Importing/Merging: Importing your list from Excel, DBF format, ASCII Delimited, and a variety of other formats. We can take multiple lists and merge them together for one master list.
Duplicate Detection:
This process will delete all duplicates by name, address or both.
Mail Merge:
Addressing a letter with variable data as well as an envelope for individualized mailings.
CASS Certification:
This includes address correction by adding zip+4 and carrier route information for the reduced postage savings.
Postal Presorting for First-Class, Standard (Third Class) or Non-Profit:
This service will organize the list for processing within the Postal Regulation Guidelines. It includes all postal reports and tray information needed for the Post Office.


Direct Impression Printing:
We can print the label directly on your mail piece.
Cheshire/HP Labels:
Cheshire Labels or Avery HP Labels
Inserting and Sealing:
Machine Insert pieces into an envelope.
Tabbing/ Wafer Sealing:
Used to close a folded postcard, brochure or booklet to qualify for Automation Rates.
Up to 18” x 22” with a variety of different folds.
Our goal is to prepare your mailing to get you the highest discount for postage. You may use our Indicia (at no extra cost) when we are preparing a mailing for you.
EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail):
This is a great service to use when you are looking to blanket everyone within a certain area. No need to label or purchase a list. Your piece will read (Postal Customer) in the label area. There are strict guidelines you must follow in order for the post office to accept this type of mailing. Let Kintech help you!
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