Most Frequently Asked Questions

Printing Questions

What services and products do you provide?
We provide various types of printing services using Offset Press, Digital Printing, Copies, Large Format Printing and printing of promotional products. We also provide Design Services, Direct Mail, Mail Merges, Labeling, Inserting, Tabbing, Lists and List Maintenance.

Is it possible to get printing estimates or rates?
Absolutely! You can call, email, fax, or send your request right through the website and we will contact you right away. Be as specific as possible so we can quote you accurately on your project. If we have any questions we will contact you right away. Your estimate will be emailed to you.

Can I email my documents to be printed, or do I have to come to your location?
You can email your file directly to Kintech right through our website under our upload link. You can also just email it directly to info@kintechinc.com. The best files to upload are pdf files. If you cannot send a pdf, just upload your file and we should be able to work with it. If there are any issues we will contact you immediately.

Is it possible to mail me my finished printed documents, or do I have to come pick them up?
You can have your finished product shipped right to your door. If you are local you can pick it up or we can have one of our drivers deliver it to you.

Is there a certain type of file format I should use when submitting my documents for printing?
The best file format is a pdf. We accept many different file types including: pdf, eps, tiff, png, jpeg, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Publisher, Word, Excel. The cleanest file type is the pdf with your fonts embedded in the file.

How long will it take to receive my printed documents?
Your printed documents take from the same day up to 7 business days. This of course depends upon the size and scope of the job.

Is there a way to receive the next day or express printing?
Yes. There may be a surcharge for this service that will be discussed before we begin your project.

Is white ink considered a printing color?
No. White is obtained by doing what is called a “knockout”. This is where there is a color background and the text or graphic is deleted out of that color leaving you with the white paper background.
(White Ink is used in silk screening apparel or promotional products.)

Why does the printing color look different on my screen than the final product?
Your screen uses color values of RGB. When we print, the color values of CMYK are used. When designing your project you really need to use the CMYK Value. If you send a file that is RGB and we convert the colors to CMYK, the colors can change. (Blue is a prime example of this issue. A bright blue RGB color when converted to CMYK in most cases will come out purple.) To avoid this from happening you need to design using the CMYK values and use a difference of 25% between your Cyan and Magenta values, ex. C=100, M=75, Y=0, B=10