Mailing Lists


The success or failure of any direct response marketing effort completely hinges on the quality of the mailing list. You can have the most incredible products or services, make the most attractive offer ever, but if you are not mailing it to the correct target audience, your efforts are in vain. Let us help you customize a list for your company.

Resident Lists:
You can have a multitude of options when selecting a resident list. A basic “Our Friends At” list (just addresses, no names) will be the most economical. You can target residents according to zip code, mile radius from your address or target a specific area. You can also obtain a resident list with names and specific demographics like age, home value, income, homeowner, home market value, etc.
Business Lists:
We can obtain a list according to SIC code, location, number of employees, sales volume and any other criteria you may be looking for.
Specialized Lists:
There are many categories of lists that a company may want to utilize for their mailings. Please do not hesitate to ask, whether it is for Real Estate Sales or a specific Religion, we can usually find it.


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