5 Best Promotional Giveaways To Easily Market Your Brand

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Understanding human behavior can be useful for many businesses and startups, especially when you think of how promotional products work. Many people get to remember your brand and most often seek your services when you give them something tangible and useful for free. Think of a branded promotional item as a walking billboard displaying what industry you deal with and the products or services you offer to the public.

Many people tend to hold onto items that are of sentimental value and feel part of or connected to the person or brand that gave them. This article discusses five best promotional giveaways to market your brand. 

  • Drinkware

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Drinkware is a popular promotional item used by businesses to market their products and services. It includes items we use every day such as coffee mugs and water bottles. People are more likely to recall a message printed on drinkware as it is commonly used in public places. For instance, some carry their coffee mugs every day on their way to work while others leave them on their office desk and breakrooms. Anyone who sees you around with a branded mug will be curious to know what is on it and where you got it. Water bottles are also a hit and can be carried almost everywhere you can think of including the gym or when traveling.

  • Marketing Apparel

T-shirts are the most popular promotional item among marketing apparel because they can be used in all seasons. A giveaway t-shirt with branded logo and contact information can be compared to several walking billboards. For instance, think of someone wearing your branded t-shirt, standing in front of a group of people at the grocery store. Not only does it attract the attention of people who need your product or service but also drives curiosity among potential customers about your brand. A good piece of advice is to get the best quality t-shirts that will last because this is an investment that has a good return on investment. Other marketing apparels include hoodies, baseball caps, jackets, and more.

  • Branded Bags

Packaging is essential when you are in a business of sales and there is nothing more satisfying than customers leaving your store with your brand or logo displayed on their tote bags.  There is a wide array of bags that can be used as promotional items for customer purchases. Other bag variations include backpacks, laptop bags, duffel bags, and drawstring bags. It is always up to you to determine the kind of bag that appeals best to the customer and offers great functionality. Not only should it be of top-notch quality but should also be strong enough to carry the required quantity of items. Another marketing strategy for using tote bags is to fill them with brochures, flyers, or candy that entices a customer to look inside.

  • Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas are practical and relevant promotional items that can be used by people during rain or sunshine. Promotional umbrellas not only keep your clients safe from downpours but also makes your branding visible. Their practicality and usefulness during the rainy season make them great items for marketing campaigns. A bright-colored umbrella with your logo gives your brand more exposure as it creates something unique, useful, and fashionable. Promotional umbrellas are also a promotional product widely appreciated by individuals who receive them. Unlike leaflets and brochures that get disposed of after a while, umbrellas are far less likely to be thrown away or contribute to public littering by recipients.

  • Branded Stationery Sets

Promotional stationery items such as branded pens, pencils, sticky notes, notepads, calendars, and stylus are simple but versatile promotional giveaways to market your brand. When branded with your logo, they become more significant, useful, and desirable. Like other promotional items, it is important to ensure your branded stationery sets are of high quality. It is also crucial to collaborate with a professional graphic designer and printing company to create a design that stands out in today’s competitive market. Brand stationery sets not only increase awareness but also promote a professional and positive image of your firm.

Promotional products can help boost your brand’s visibility, and increase conversion rates. However, it can also ruin your public image if not executed properly. Besides choosing the best promotional giveaways to market your brand, it is important to invest in quality products and prints that potential customer can hold onto for a long time without losing their luster.