Types of Printing Products

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Whether you are starting a new business venture or looking to grow your existing business in creative ways, you should consider investing in printed marketing materials. It has been used in the past and remains effective in recent times in promoting your brand and growing your business. It is important to understand the different types of printing products as it helps you decide how to represent your brand. This article discusses the most popular types of printing products and how they can be used by businesses for marketing and advertising.

  • Small Format Printing

This type of printing is done on products that are used and received by the business every day.

products that can be printed on

It is comprised of letterheads, business cards, leaflets and flyers, small posters, printed envelopes, compliment slips, booklets and brochures, shelf wobblers, and presentation folders. Small format printing products are affordable and can be produced quickly making them ideal for both personal and business use. You only need quality graphic designs that can be brought to life in print.

  • Large Format Printing

If you want to grab everyone’s attention in a short period, then you should consider large format printing. It offers an effective way of advertising an event or product because it is shown in public on a large scale. Some of the printing products used in this category include large posters, rigid media, PVC banners, magnetic signage, presentation checks, fabric posters, roller banners, backlit light box posters, and canvas prints.

  • Promotional Items

Promotional printing products are used to advertise, educate, and inform your existing and potential customers about your brand. It offers an effective way to get your company logo into customers’ hands by printing it on practical promotional items. Some of the printing products used in this category include pens, drinkware, lifestyle, snacks & candies, writing & office, clothing, hats, bags, and technology products. These products promote your brand anywhere and anytime.

  • Sticker and Labels

You can use label and sticker printing to personalize your products. There is a wide variety of choices offered by printing companies that can be customized to your specific requirements. Some of the products used in this category include plotted stickers (outdoor), sticker printing (indoor), and shaped labels on sheets. Outdoor-plotted stickers are used to advertise your products and services to passersby while indoor printed stickers exhibit your brand and company design.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Display Products

Both indoor and outdoor printed products for display can be used by different types of businesses no matter how small or big. Some of these products include feather flags, roll-up banners, fabric media walls, shelf edge strips, counter displays, and branded sampling counters. Reputable printing services design these products using state-of-the-art equipment to deliver quality prints that exceed customers’ expectations.

  • Wedding Stationery

This includes every type of printed product used before, during, and after a wedding ceremony. Wedding stationery printed products are very important for any wedding as it ceremoniously invites them, inform guests to keep their dates free, and also provide them with complete information about the big day. Some of the printing products used in this category include wedding invitations, foil printing, order of service booklets, save the date cards, wedding venue signage, and much more.

  • Health and Safety Printing

Health and safety printing products have become a mandatory requirement for most businesses and organizations today due to the worldwide pandemic crisis. It has increased the need to create an awareness in the public about following hygienic and sanitary measures to curb the spread of viruses and other diseases. Some of the products used in this category include safety screens, social distancing floor stickers, footprint ground stencils, sanitization stations, and much more.

  • Calendar Printing (Branded & Personalized)

Calendar printing has been around for years and remains to be an effective continuous marketing tool today. It is a cost-effective option for businesses and can be used for personal, corporate, and different kinds of business marketing. Some of the products used in this category include year planners, wall calendars, tent calendars, and flip tent calendars. Producing personalized wall and desk calendars lets you advertise your business to prospects and customers all year round.

Printing companies continue to gain popularity among local businesses because they provide printing services that help you stay connected with your customers. You can use some of the above printing products to grow or expand your business because they communicate your message most effectively and efficiently. It is crucial to work with an experienced graphic designer and printing company to turn your ideas into reality.