Custom Die Cut Stickers

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Advancements in technology have now made it easier than ever to create custom die-cut stickers that not only look great but also are affordable. Whether you are using them for your business or personal expression, custom die-cut stickers can help bring your design to life. You can use these stickers at any event as giveaways to brand your business. They can be used on laptops, kid’s lunch boxes, skateboards, cars, notebooks, and more. This article looks at how custom die-cut stickers are made, what materials they are printed on, and some of their useful benefits.

What is a Custom Die-Cut Sticker? – How They Are Made

A custom die-cut sticker is a type of sticker that can be cut or trimmed to any shape of your choice. It is different from the past when sticker printers used a “cookie-cutter” kind of process to create uniform shape stickers in squares or rectangles with rounded corners. Custom die-cut stickers are unique and can take a shape of any form. Once you have uploaded your artwork, the machine cuts your sticker and paper backing into the shape of your design. It can have crazy curves, notches, and rounded or pointy corners. You also get to choose whether your design should have a border or not.

Paper lace doily, cutout round ornament

Types of Sticker Printing Materials

  • Vinyl

The classic vinyl is one of the most common and versatile materials used to print stickers. It works for most applications and comes in white and clear. The best feature about vinyl is that it is weather resistant making it ideal for outdoor durability. Some of the common vinyl stickers have a thickness of 3 millimeters to 4 millimeters and boast a soft, pliable feel.

  • Polyester

Polyester is a great choice for heavy-duty equipment decals alongside other industrial applications. It stands up well to extremely high temperatures and is commonly used under the hood or on water heater decals. The polyester sticker material is available in silver, white, clear, and other fun finishes such as brushed chrome. It is 2 millimeters thick and can last longer than vinyl.

  • Glitter

The pop culture trends love glitter since it adds some flare to your artwork. It is a fun way to bring rainbow fantasy ideas to life. A full spectrum metalized vinyl fashioned from a holographic flake material offers an incredibly high quality that is built to last.

  • BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)

BOPP is a plastic-based label sticker material used on products that call for durability and longevity. It is available in glossy white, matte white and clear color options. The white permanent glossy BOPP is resistant to oil, heat, fading, and abrasion. White permanent matte BOPP is ideal for products that have unique information and can be written on with pencils, pens, or markers.

Benefits of Custom Die-Cut Stickers

  • Durable

Die-cut stickers are known for their strong and long-lasting qualities. They are more durable than other types of stickers and their colors do not fade easily. Die-cut stickers are made using strong ink and constant color that will not fade any time soon.

  • Clean Cut

Vinyl die-cut stickers pick out the intended design from the printing machine. It is different from traditional screen-printed stickers that were made with their background, extra white filler, and material used to create the border with the design.

  • Can be Applied To Windows

Custom die-cut stickers printed on a clear material allow the light to pass through the letters or other visible spaces between patterns and designs. The screen-printed stickers used to have a background or filler that blocks the area they have been attached to completely.

  • Freedom of Customization

There are endless options when it comes to custom die-cut stickers. You can customize them with logos, letters, images, or slogans that deliver a certain message to the intended audience. Many die-cut stickers printing companies offer a diverse range of fancy fonts that enhance your lettering styles.

  • Can be Used For Promotions

Custom die-cut stickers have endless benefits when it comes to product promotion and branding. You can use the power of custom stickers to familiarize people with your product’s identity. They can also be used as warning labels on any kind of dangerous equipment or industrial machinery.

Custom die-cut stickers use a high-speed cutting technology that has advanced over the years to make them look as amazing as ever. You can print your die-cut stickers on other materials besides the few that we mentioned above. It is always important to prepare your artwork in the best way possible before uploading it to the machine to ensure the design comes out right.