How Much Do Graphic Design Services Cost?

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It’s hard to imagine a business these days that has no need whatsoever for graphic design. Whether it’s a printed sign, a t-shirt, a web banner, or any of the other innumerable examples, graphic design is an important part of the global economy today. When something looks good – when it captures the essence of an idea or message – it draws attention. This is fuel for a thriving business.

But graphic design can just as easily work against the success of business – namely, if it isn’t done well. You’ve probably seen an example in the last few days. For all the great graphic design work out there, there is a lot of bad work too. If you’ve never hired a graphic designer before – or if past projects have fallen short of your expectations – it can be daunting to look for a new and better solution.

Cost is one of the major factors that comes up again and again when companies seek professional graphic design services. Namely, the question people want answered is: How much should I pay for quality graphic design services?

The answer isn’t as clear or obvious as you might hope – in large part because there is such a wide range of costs. Some designers break it down by project, charging a flat fee for what you need. It’s more common, however, for designers or design agencies to charge hourly. That way, they get paid for all the time involved in the project, including for things like brainstorming and revisions.

When we look at the average cost of graphic design services, we find a range that goes as low as $20 per hour (or even less for designers who are literally just started out), and as high as $350 per hour (or more) for established and highly-trained designers.

One thing that can be said is that real professionals tend to work quickly. If you’re hiring someone to design a logo, for example, you should expect a selection of good designs after a handful of hours. But depending on the exact nature of your project, you might need more hours to get the result you want.

Corporations are used to paying hefty amounts of cash for graphic design services, because they can afford to, and they want the best designers money can buy. But getting the very best results for your business doesn’t have to involve over-spending. Printing companies that offer graphic design services are a great example of professional service at a more accessible price point. Plus, you get the added benefit of working with someone who handles multiple facets of print, design and mailing.

The value of graphic design

Graphic design services that capture the essence of your brand is a huge asset for any business, whether you’re a small operation just starting out or an established company with thousands of customers. But it shouldn’t be necessary to fork out thousands of dollars from the company coffers just to acquire decent designs. In this day and age, there are skilled graphic design options that don’t break the bank.