What to Look for in a Graphic Designer

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Graphic design is one of those things that a lot of different businesses need, and a lot of different professionals can provide it. But the difference in quality can be astonishing. We see the results of graphic design all around us, every day of our lives — at bus stops, in newspapers, on billboards, and in countless other places. If we look for it, we really can see the difference in quality.

It’s also true that graphic designers tend to follow trends and patterns, and some of them merely repeat what’s already been done, following a set formula for every project (more or less). There are also plenty of designers who really don’t have the experience or the training to turn out great results.

With so many variables in the world of graphic design, how do businesses make an informed choice? What characteristics should they look for in a graphic designer, and what should they avoid? These are important questions for any business looking to get the most out of their design projects — whether it’s a direct mail marketing project, a flyer, a billboard, or a bus stop advertisement. There are countless graphic design projects that matter, but many of them do fall short in terms of goals and expectations.


Graphic designers who are fresh out of trade school have a lot of passion and drive, there’s no doubt about that. But as any businessperson knows, there’s a big difference between the classroom and the real world. Companies that have years of experience in the graphic design world are usually a better choice, since they’ve actually seen what works and what doesn’t.

Range of services

It’s a popular misconception that only agencies who “specialize” in graphic design are able to turn out the best results. Sometimes these agencies do very good work indeed, but that work is sometimes “disconnected” from the actual business goals of the client. It may also be too fussy or conceptual — which is pleasing to designers, but doesn’t really connect with the intended audience. Companies who provide a wide range of services, including direct mail marketing, printing of all times, and other related services often have a “real world grasp” of what kind of designs will connect with an audience. Looking for a reputable company that offers a wider range of services is an underrated way to get great results and a better overall value.

Commitment to quality

A good graphic designer is going to have a trail of positive feedback from past clients, who can vouch not only for the quality of the work, but for the successful achievement of business goals. After all, that’s what graphic design is really about — achieving goals that drive business forward. If you’re in need of a graphic designer, don’t limit yourself to top shelf agencies that cost a pretty penny — their work might not be the best fit for your goals anyway. On the other hand, beware of amateurs who really don’t have the requisite training and experience. A happy medium is often found in upstanding, reputable companies that provide a range of service to meet your business goals, including graphic design and other areas like direct mail marketing. The ability to make connections between these different areas is an asset that can work well for businesses and objectives of all kinds.