What Type of Photo Restoration Do Printing Companies Offer?

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Photos, whether old or new carry a lot of significance in terms of memories. It is possible to just look at a photo and remember all the events that took part on that day. This goes on to show just how much photos are cherished.

Unfortunately, due to wear and tear, mishandling, and poor quality of the camera that was used to capture them, they lose quality over time.

Thanks to specialized photo restoration techniques, damaged and old photos can now be brought back to their initial glory. This article looks at the many photo restoration services offered by printing companies. 

Reprinting and Enlargement

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In addition to reconfiguration, color correction and adjusting, printing companies can also print your cherished photos in different formats and sizes. For instance, after reconstruction of the photo, it can be printed in digital formats that allow you to save it online where it is safer from elements, tearing and creasing. Printing companies use advanced techniques to enlarge old photos and print them on different materials such as canvas and common photo paper without losing any detail and clarity. 

Tear and Crease

Due to being in constant contact with hands whenever you or your loved ones view old photos, they may be creased or torn, over time. At the same time, they may accidentally scratch or add spots and dirt on the photo, thereby contributing to depreciation. However, thanks to cloning and healing tools applied by technicians, such damages can now be reconstructed. They can then be blended with the rest of the image. After reconstruction, you can hardly tell any sign of the previous damage. 

Color Correction

Due to an extended exposure to elements such as UV light and heat, photos may lose color, contrast and saturation over time. These issues make the photos washed out and eventually they become blurry to a point where you can hardly recognize the subjects in them. With innovative computer tools, printing companies are able to adjust colors, saturation, brightness and contrast to restore old photos. With the use of references and historical context, technicians can even add color to black and white photos. This way, they appear more modern and appealing than the original black and white. 

Dust and Noise

Dust in photos occur because of extended exposure to debris, which manifest as blemishes and small particles on the surface of a photo. Noise on the other hand, refers to the visual distortion that manifests as variations in color and brightness. These two are imperfections that negatively affect the quality and appeal of an image. With the use of specialized technological tools, technicians can remove these imperfections, thereby restoring the quality and appeal of a photo. 


Common wear, exposure to elements, folds, creases and scratches can make some parts like faces, and limbs and other details to disappear from an image. By use of surrounding visual information and reference from other similar images, technicians can rebuild such images to make them more appealing. 

Red Eye

Due to the use of poor quality cameras like the ones that were relied upon in the past, red eye was a common problem with photography. Even in the present age, the problem persists, especially with photographers who lack the latest high quality cameras. This happens when the flashlight of the camera reflects off the eye of the subject. Printing companies apply advanced technological tools to remove this problem so that the color of the eyes reflect the true eye color of the subject. 

Sharpening and Clarity 

Usually, when capturing photos, out of focus areas tend to be blurry. In fact, most cameras come with blurry background as a feature. This may become a problem when you are interested in the blurry details that were out of focus during the capturing of the image. Thanks to digital tools and filters, technicians can now enhance the edges and add more detail to the image. 

There you have it; the many photo restoration services offered by printing companies. If you have a photo that has any of the above imperfections, do not throw it away just yet, or stress over how to retrieve the details. Take it to a good printing company and remember to evaluate their skills and experience. This is because an inexperienced and inadequately skilled technician may end up destroying the only photo you so much wish to restore. However, a highly skilled and experienced technician will take your damaged photo to its initial glory.