Why Product Labels are Crucial to Your Brand

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PostcardsBusinesses have a lot to think about when it comes to getting ahead in the 21st century. Standing out from the competition is something that permeates just about every aspect of branding and marketing, and the landscape has changed considerably. Most of the things that are considered crucial to marketing today did not even exist ten or twenty years ago. What might be crucial to branding and marketing tomorrow? Who knows — but it will probably involve marketing methods that aren’t understood today.

This is all true — but at the same time, it’s a mistake to think that marketing has (or will continue) to change beyond recognition. There are aspects setting your business apart that remain as important today as they were ten, twenty, or even a hundred years ago.

Product labels are one of those aspects. If you manufacture a product for sale on the market, the label is hugely important. It’s your “first impression,” and it carries the spirit of your brand. It sends the unique message you want to send.

The tricky part is, there’s no “recipe for success” when it comes to designing and printing your product labels. If there were, every label would have an equal impact on consumers, and competition would only exist in other areas of business.

But labels are important — and so is partnering with a designer and printer who knows how to evoke your brand on a label. That means finding someone who understands your message. It means finding someone with a skillful, professional ability to convey that message in the form of a product label.

It also means finding someone who can render that design with the highest quality inks and labels. This is just as important, if not more important, than the design aspect. If the colors aren’t crystal clear, if the label doesn’t adhere properly to the product packages, your branding message will be in big trouble. Nothing says “unprofessional” like a flawed product label. It sends a message of carelessness and corner-cutting to your audience, and in a marketplace as competitive as this one, these simply aren’t the messages you want to send.

Marketing studies constantly show that people respond positively to well-designed and high-quality product labels, while the impression left by imperfect labels is unequivocally negative. Which side of this equation do you want your product to land on? It doesn’t really matter what the product is; the label is supremely important.

Once a business realizes this, the question becomes very simple. How do I find the best partner to work with in the design and manufacture of my product labels? Finding the answer is made easier by online research and social review sites. Look for a label printing specialist who has years of quality experience. Look for one who has plenty of positive reviews from satisfied clients. Look for one that has clear fee structures, in-house design capabilities, and plenty of good ideas for your product label. Find a printing partner like this, and your labels are bound to do what they’re supposed to do: Make an impact!