What are the Different Types of Graphic Design?

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Graphic designers play an important role in coming up with professional and quality identities for business brands. By hiring a graphic designer, you get to enjoy quality service, reduced market prices, and convenience of not sourcing for materials and equipment. You also get to save yourself lots of time so that you can focus on matters about the business. You do not get to enjoy these benefits if you do the design by yourself. When it comes to professional graphic design, there are many types available. It is thus important to have an understanding of the graphic design services so you can choose the ones that matter most to your business.

  • Art and Illustration

Just as the name suggests, business brands can use illustrations and art to relay certain information to their clients. For example, a business brand could come up with a custom branded t-shirt or motion imagery carrying their information and services they offer.

  • Print Media

These are printed publications that are used by an artist to relay information to users of a certain brand’s services. They include newspapers, journals, magazines, and books. They mainly contain newsletters, mission, vision, past achievements and future goals of a certain business brand. For the longest time, these publications have been printed on paper but as of late, they are now slowly being made digitally. A good example of a digital publication is regular email newsletters.

  • Marketing and Advertising

The primary purpose of graphic design being advertising and marketing, business brands always take advantage of this crucial tool. Businesses can brand printed banners, billboards, business cards, brochures and digital materials such as blogs and articles. Such materials can be placed at strategic points such as a company car. A company could also print branded t-shirts, carrier bags, and umbrellas. The best thing about using such materials to advertise is that they have a larger advertising space and can be seen by many people, thus proving very effective results.

  • Packaging and Label Design

Different business brands use their unique colors, styles, and designs to label and package their products. A good graphic designer makes labels and packaging materials similar to that company’s branding style. Some of the information that packaging labels contain include the logo, product description as well as the physical addresses of the business brand.

  • Branding Design

Branding, as a type of graphic design, entails making materials that are used to reach and pass a message by different business brands. They carry the identity of that particular company since they contain their unique colors, styles, and logos. They are used on items such as pens, mugs, signs, and key chains. They may not have enough advertising space but their role cannot be downplayed.

  • Web Design

Web design is the process of creating a website where a person can access more information about a certain brand and its services. It is also about linking the website with social media and mobile applications for a particular brand. A graphic designer has to pay attention to detail and branding tools and colors for that particular franchise so that by just login into that website, a user can recognize the unique style and formatting and associate that with the brand.

  • User Interface

A user interface is the entry page you see after you visit a certain company’s website. It contains different tools that are designed to open different links that have several information concerning their services, products, location, about-information as wells as articles and blogs. A good graphic designer will make the interface interactive with fast responsive tools and buttons. They should also use eye-catchy colors and formats that can be used to keep users on the website for as long as possible. This is because the longer they stay on the website, the more likely they are going to proceed to buy your products and services.

As seen in this article, you have access to numerous kinds of graphic design such as art and illustration, print media, and branding design. Since graphic design is an important element of your business, it is important to look for a designer with caution. An inexperienced designer will only ruin your business with substandard graphics and materials. This is very risky for your business since your customers will interpret this as a sign of not being serious. Since you are operating in a highly competitive industry, your business will rank very poorly among other players. To avoid this, vet the best graphic designer by sampling several designers and checking their customer reviews and ratings.