You Need Copies of a Document: Does it Make Sense to Outsource?

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Everyone has a copy machine these days. The vast majority of at-home printers can do it all: Print, scan, copy, send documents through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and so forth. But there’s one frustrating aspect of the at-home print business that we all know about: Cartridges. Part of the reason why those machines are sold so cheaply (it’s easy to get a print/scan/copy machine for less than $100 these days, in case you didn’t know) is because the same company can then sell you expensive cartridges and cartridge subscriptions for the life of the device. There are no small number of people who complain online about this regularly.

The alternative – outsourcing your copy project to a professional printer ­– is something that a lot of people don’t even consider. For one thing, there’s always the retail copy shop where you can use self-serve machines to make your own copies. But have you ever really used these to produce several hundred copies of an important document? The experience can be frustrating to say the least. Plus, you’re really not getting the best possible deal. People are often surprised when they see how much it actually costs to print or copy large numbers of pages at these national retail stores.

A reputable local printer is an overlooked option, and should definitely be considered for copy projects, even if it’s just a few hundred pages you don’t want to run off at home. Most printers will gladly accept digital documents and have your order ready for pickup, or mail it out to you. The key is to find a printer that has accrued a strong reputation in the community, and treats every job and every customer with the same level of respect and importance.

Even if you’re merely looking for the cheapest way to get your copies made, a local printer will often win the race. These are the printers used by companies and corporations for large-scale print projects, but most of them are happy to take smaller jobs. The advantage for the customer is a superior result that comes from better equipment, a more effective organization, and more experience in the field.

Who to call for professional copies

Even when you move into the world of professional copying, there are many choices. When you forgo home printing in favor of outsourcing your documents to a professional, the last thing you want are less-than-professional results. This should never happen, but unfortunately, it can. A true professional knows that the impeccability of the results can never be compromised – and if something comes out less-than-great, they always do what it takes to correct the issue.

All of this adds up to the important of finding a seasoned and qualified professional printer who uses cutting edge equipment, operates out of a legitimate office space, has friendly support staff, and has depth of expertise in commercial printing. If you find a contractor like that, there’s every reason to expect timely and super-professional results every time you order copies in bulk.