3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Event Invitations

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Special events are happening all the time – chances are, you have one or two of your own coming up in the next year. You might already be planning some aspects of your event, or you may simply have some ideas floating around in your head. Here’s an interesting question to ask: When does your event actually start? When is it official?

For a lot of people, the real start of the event is when the invitations go out. This is the moment when your special occasion is announced to the world (or to your guest list, at least), and people are given a chance to RSVP and/or put the date on their calendars. It’s also the moment when you set the tone for the event, and give people a sense of what it’s all about. Invitations are actually a really important aspect of setting your special occasion up for success – yet many people breeze through this process without giving it much thought. The result is a somewhat bland and boring invitation that doesn’t send a strong and vibrant message.

In order to capitalize on this opportunity to announce your special event and set the right tone, here are three ways to spruce up your event invitations:

1. Use an unconventional material

Paper, of course, is the standard material used for event invitations. There are a lot of different grades and qualities of paper, from special textured papers to ordinary stock. But there are also other options to consider, depending on the size of your guest list and budget. Transparent plastic materials, thin panels of wood, and even cloth invitations have been used for special events. The effect can be stunning, but make sure it’s done with a high degree of professionalism.

2. Embroidered and/or die cut invitations

Adding embroidered flourishes can be a great way to make your invitations stand out. Another creative touch you might consider is “die cut” invitations, which gives your invitations an intricate and unique shape.

3. Get creative with your text and messaging

Some people like to give their invitations a clever and creative theme, such as an “admit one” ticket or even a “wanted” poster in the old west style. There are a lot of different ways you can go, and not all of them will be appropriate for your event. But if you can find the right creative angle, your invitation will really stand out from the rest.

Find the right collaborator

It’s not always easy to design invitations yourself, unless you have the right tools and experience from a graphic design perspective. There are many invitation templates available on common desktop publishing platforms, and one of these might work for you. But taking your invitations to the next level often involves reaching out to a professional for help. Actually, people are often surprised at how expensive and time consuming it is to make and send their own invitations. Putting the project in the hands of a reputable professional is one way to cut down on time and stress, and to ensure the highest quality and creativity for your special event invitations.