3 Things a Professional Printer Can Do for Your Business

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We live in the age of DIY, and most of us are constantly looking for ways to save time and money by doing things ourselves. There are many areas of life where this approach really works, such as cleaning your own home or even undertaking a simple home renovation without professional help. With all the free instructional content out there, it’s possible to achieve great results with little-to-no experience – depending, of course, on the magnitude of the project.

Business is another thing, however. Many businesses are also trying to keep more of their tasks “in-house,” while cutting down on outsourcing and independent contractors. There are certainly areas where this works, but it’s also possible that your results will be less than professional. And when you’re doing business, people tend to notice when you’ve been cutting corners.

Professional printing is one of these areas. The temptation to buy a cheap printer and produce your own materials is strong, especially if you’re trying to save money. But this approach can end up costing you more in the greater scheme of things. Here are 3 things a professional printer can do for your business.

1. High quality printing

Anybody who doesn’t think there’s a difference between amateur and professional printing hasn’t been paying attention! The pros have industrial-grade equipment, expertise in all aspects of printing, and the experience to produce great results for every project. They know how to deliver on time, and they strive to exceed expectations. Most important, professional printing often costs less than trying to do it yourself – especially if you end up in a “trial and error” situation.

2. Direct mail + mailing lists

Many reputable printing companies are also experts in the art and science of direct mail. This is an area with enormous potential to make an impact for your business, but it has to be done right. A lot of direct mail campaigns fail because of bad mailing lists, low-quality printing, or design/messaging that doesn’t make an impact with the right audience. But if your printing company is really good at direct mail, you should be able to expect fantastic results that make a real impact for your business.

3. Promotional items

These days, branded promotional items go way beyond pens and mugs – although these are still very popular items. But there are also flash drives, clocks, golf balls, letter openers, and any number of useful items that can increase your brand awareness. But you need a printer who has experience with all of these different items, and can brand them in a highly professional way with your logo and message.

That’s not all…

Depending on how skilled and experienced your printing company is, other services may also be available, such as graphic design, invitations, custom labels, copies, and more. So the next time you’re thinking about saving time and money by doing these projects in-house, ask yourself: Are we really going to save time and money, while ending up with a great result? Or should we call in the professionals to lend a hand?