Should You Design Promotional Materials In-House?

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Every business is doing what they can to get ahead and stay relevant in today’s changing business climate. There’s always some new trend, or some new channel of communication that people are talking about. Just a few decades ago, things like Twitter and Facebook had nothing to do with your average business plan – but today, they’re indispensable.

Despite all the changes in the way businesses promote themselves, there are a few things that remain relevant from before the Internet age. Printed materials are one of those things. Just as paper books have survived the invention of digital books, paper promotional materials and branded items continue to be relevant today, despite the onslaught of digital activity. In fact, there are some compelling arguments that printed materials are more important than ever, since digital channels tend to be crowded with brands trying to get their message across. When printed materials are done right, they represent a highly valuable way to interact with customers, colleagues, and other businesses.

This raises an important question for a lot of businesses. Since we’ve decided that print materials are worth the investment, should we do our own printing or outsource to a professional?

This may not have been a very intelligent question 30 years ago, when home printing technology didn’t really exist. But today, it’s possible to get an incredibly versatile printing device for less than a hundred dollars. Most of them can print photos on photo paper, scan documents, print, and photocopy. Plus, most offices already have a more professional grade printer that turns out more pages, faster.

Why not simply use these solutions and print your own materials in-house?

It’s one thing when you’re talking about memos or other text documents that need to be printed and passed around. But it’s quite another thing to consider your promotional documents, brochures, informational booklets, business cards, and other important materials. When it comes to these things, appearances and impressions do matter. And if you look at the results of many in-house printing jobs compared to the results produced by professional printing houses, the difference jumps out at you right away. Everything is vivid and precise, from the design and colors to the way the paper is folded or booklet is bound.

That’s the impression you want to make for your business ­– professional, detailed, and unwilling to compromise on quality.

Finding the right printer for your business

Printed materials that bear the name and messaging of your business are important, and it’s crucial to find a professional solution that exceeds expectations and does your organization proud. But there are so many choices out there. How do you know which one is best for your business? Reading reviews of past client is one of the most important steps. It gives you a sense of who has built up a solid reputation in your local area, and who puts their clients first. The best printers approach their work with an extremely high level of professionalism, and they do whatever it takes to make each project a success.