Which Industry Will Benefit Most From 3D Printing?

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3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process that involves the making of three-dimensional objects from a digital model. The process creates a physical project from a digital file. The technology involved in 3D is adding a layer over another one until the object is complete. The layers of materials used are usually in liquid form, powdered plastic, metal, and cement.

3D is used by various industries for various purposes. Unlike the traditional way of manufacturing, which uses many materials, 3D uses fewer materials. With new technology and applications in place, 3D’s popularity is growing, and currently, it is the most used in various industries. It is hard to point out a specific industry that will benefit the most from 3D printing, as they are many. However, in this article, we have highlighted several that will benefit from 3D printing.

  • Education Industry

Automatic three dimensional 3D printer machine printing plastic model

With the advancement in technology, education has not been left behind. As the 3D industry grows, learning institutions are striving to ensure their students get to use this kind of technology. The purpose of 3D in education is that it helps in research. It allows students in education to print and test designs, unlike before, where this kind of technology was not available. Students in university will be able to create designs and even go into a deeper length of actualizing that design with the help of 3D. 3D printing will continue being used in schools because it enhances learning for students.

  • Aerospace Industry

For the aerospace industry, most of the requirements for its parts are that they should be light. The parts have to withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals while carrying heavy loads. If the parts are not light, this might lead to a system breakdown of aircraft, which carries cargo and even people. Engineers of this field have then opted for 3D printing tools, as they are stronger and lighter. In addition, the production volume in aerospace is generally large and 3D has a solution for it by its ability to print many medium-sized productions.

  • Medical Industry

The medical industry has been able to capture the advances in 3D printing. 3D printing technology is a great investment for the medical care industry. For instance, doctors will be able to practice before surgery. 3D will help a doctor create a replica of the same body part that is supposed to get surgery. This way, they can practice before the actual operation. This is also possible for the dental medical unit. They will be able to scan a broken tooth to make a crown that fits perfectly to the patient’s mouth. In addition, 3D benefits drugs given to patients. For example, if you are allergic to a specific ingredient in that drug, it can be taken out of that medicine.

  • Automotive Industry

The additive industry has changed the automotive industry in so many ways. 3D has brought wonders and new shapes to the industry. It is well used and known in the Audi company. However, it is not just used by Audi but also in the race car team. 3D has a great value in the automotive industry. Not only is it used for printed parts of cars but also in the tools and fixtures that support the manufacturing process. It has been able to turn the old way of manufacturing cars into a new technology that is easier and customizable.

  • Architecture Industry

3D printing for architecture has many uses. Every architecture project starts with a concept model. A concept model contains the design and vision of the architect’s vision. In most cases, it is done physically, and it takes a long time to get one. It even gets worse and difficult the more complex the project is. For that reason, they use 3D printing. It simplifies the process. It can get highly detailed models from a range of materials and colors based on the model. The process with 3D is efficient and faster hence no delay for clients.

Above are the top industries that will benefit the most from 3D printing. Although, they are not the only ones. Many other companies use the technology of 3D printing. Its benefits and uses are much more than you could imagine. It can be used for almost all purposes. Even with the growth in technology, 3D is expected to grow even much more than where it is today. Soon, using 3D will be the new normal in companies. If you would like to know how 3D printing can benefit your specific business, be sure to reach out to experts for assistance.