What is a Cost-Effective Way to Print Custom Wall Decals?

Your home is most often the source of your pride. Many people will therefore go to great lengths in the interior design because this is a crucial part of the housing and the final appearance.

A lot of time and effort is spent on deciding the best features to be used and which aspects to applied and in most cases, the design that you choose will reflect who you are and your likes and passions. Wall decals have therefore made this process easier.

What are Wall Decals?

Wall decals are a decorative element that is mostly made of vinyl. These are obtained from a commercial vinyl cutter hence they can be used on a variety of surfaces, from wood to stone and even glass just to name a few.

custom decals ready to print

Many prefer them because of the ease and creativity they bring into decoration. Wall decal’s popularity continues to grow every day because of how quick and convenient they are when putting them on your home walls. Wall decals allow you to add your own unique character to the room and this has the potential to transform any living space. They include modern patterns and shapes, figures and the list goes on. The beauty of this type of décor is that it can be used for any type of facility. Offices, restaurants, gyms, schools, and most importantly, any room of your home.

They are a great alternative to painting or using wallpapers in your rooms because of the ease, cost-benefit, and aesthetic aspect. They are not only easy to apply but can also be effortlessly removed if one prefers a different design after some time. They can be easily personalized leaving you with an endless possibility of options that would all turn out great.

Printing Wall Decals in the Most Cost Effective Way

Having seen the benefits of wall decals, you might then decide to go and print your customized design. It is, therefore, necessary to know the important things to note to ensure the procedure you use is the most cost-effective.

You first need to determine the specifications of the wall décor you want to print. These may include how large you want your wall decal to be. The final size will also be a great determinant of the type of printer you use. You also need to determine the material on which the decal will be printed and most importantly, the color scheme. Most of the printers that print large sizes have up to 8 colors and the alternative can be a black and white printer with two or three-tone black. You also need to identify the overlap of the panels and most importantly for colored wall decals, the precision of the color. All these will help in coming up with the best price.

You need to take into consideration the wall that you will place your wall decal. That is the width and length most especially; to avoid any waste that may come because of reprinting if the wall decal is too large or too small. You can then proceed to locate a wide format printer around your area. If there is more than one image, carefully arrange all the images or the number that will fit onto one sheet in a layout that will lead to minimum waste of the sheet.

You can then now proceed to print it out and cut the images out as desired. In most cases, the printer is roll-fed hence; you will have an unlimited length. Careful placement should then be done for the width. This will save the cost of printing each image on its own. The most common in graphics and print shops are the wide-format color proofing systems Epson and HP Z series that have a width ranging from approximately 24 to 44 inches and roll-fed. If unsure, asking for assistance beforehand will eliminate any costs incurred during trial and error.

Blueprint shops can prove to be cheaper than copy shops but this may vary in other aspects. You can opt to use sticker paper where you may need to go with your roll of sticker paper to the shop and negotiate on the price. Wall decals that will need pinning or tapping may be cheaper than sticker wall decals.

Wall decals prove to be cheap, easily applicable, and have an exceptional aesthetic value that comes in a variety of designs. Printing them can be made cost-effective if you know the specifications you need and you have found a printing shop that is affordable and flexible in case you have your roll.