5 of the Most Useful and Popular Promotional Items in 2019

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The increased potential of automation, new printing processes, and materials has facilitated the use of promotional products to provide more options for engagement. The biggest innovations are driven by the need to provide potential quality products and unique experience to customers. Many companies have gone beyond their products by taking a subtle approach to customizing a promotional item with their brand. Subtle touches have become more popular in 2019 as companies strive to give out items that make them stand out from the competition. Here are five of the most useful and popular promotional items in 2019.

  1. Branded Notebooks and pens

Promotional notebooks are ideal giveaways to potential clients who have gained interest in a particular brand or want to know more about the company. You will be providing your customers with a safe way to store or keep important notes. Since your logo will be custom printed across the front of the notebook, it will be providing daily brand exposure to your potential clients and anyone who comes across it. Although the company will be promoting itself through the custom printed logo on the notebook, you can still use the notebook to jot down short notes. Other companies provide a matching ballpoint pen as an added bonus so that you do not have to search for a pen every time you want to note something down.

  1. Promotional Travel Mugs

Branded travel mugs are a great addition to a company’s marketing campaign. It is useful to your potential customers as it eliminates the need to use paper or plastic takeaway cups when traveling from one place to another. A promotional travel mug acts as a daily dose of brand exposure when the logo of your company is printed on one or either side of the mug.  Mugs provide an attractive canvas where you can print your brand message. They are more functional and cost-efficient since they become part of a customer’s daily routine. As a result, it exposes your brand to a wide audience giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

  1. Custom Hats

Custom hats are great promotional items that will literally give your brand more exposure. People love these promotional items and others would even keep them for years. Whether you go with plastic visors, knit beanies, or baseball caps, people will always wear them around giving your business more visibility. Custom hats that have your company’s logo printed on them are not only ideal for marketing campaigns but also useful during sunny days. It gives you a new overall look while protecting your head from the harsh rays of the sun. Both men and women like these promotional items because they are both attractive and versatile.

  1. Canvas Tote Bags

Tote bags provide great opportunities to grow and expand your business. They can be used to carry anything from pamphlets, brochures, and other items. Some will even be seen walking with them around when shopping. The most interesting feature about tote bags is that your logo will be on full display as you walk from one place to another. Your brand will minimize the carbon footprint of plastic by offering canvas tote bags to your potential customers. Since it is reusable, one can always use the bag to carry or transport different items.

  1. Tech Accessories

The world is changing and everyone is using a smartphone, tablet, an iPhone or laptop. Since people tend to carry their devices everywhere they go, it makes it easier for a company to advertise their brand. You will be getting a lot of brand exposure when you print your logo on earbuds, speakers, phone stands, or power banks. People use different tech accessories based on their preferences and current lifestyle. You can even design phone covers with your company’s logo printed at the back to provide more brand exposure.

Promotional items give you an opportunity to show appreciation to your established customers. It also helps make new connections during trade shows and other company events. In addition, it is a form of advertising, which helps build brand awareness among potential customers. It is important to know that people usually hold on to promotional items and almost use them every day. The aforementioned promotional items are not only useful in your marketing campaign, but also impact people’s lives in a positive way. Regardless of what you choose, a great promotional item will always leave a long lasting impression on your customers.