Generic vs Custom Business Cards: How Important is Business Card Design?

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Business cards are still an essential business tool, and is something you ought to have if you are serious about your business. It is easy to pass them to your clients and prospects at every touchpoint instead of having to exchange contacts, which is seen as a bit informal. Although a business card is critical, it does not mean that you should be working with any kind of card. The better the design on your card, the easier it will be for people to take you seriously. This goes a long way in attracting more business to you.

Generic vs Custom Business Cards

When it comes to business card design, you have two options to work with. You can decide to go with the generic or custom way. Generic cards are ready-made and all you have to do is pick from the different templates available, and then add your logo, contact information, and other details. On the other hand, custom business cards provide you with the opportunity to use a professional designer to create a unique design that has never been used before. This provides you with the chance to add in your own personal touch. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of each.

Generic Business Cards


  • Cheap

Generic business cards are quite cheap, as the design has already been done for you. All you have to do is select a template that suits you, add your details, and you are done. This does not attract high costs of hiring a designer to have your card professionally done.

  • Fast to do

Since generic cards are easy to do, you can have them done quite quickly.


  • Not Unique

One main problem about generic business cards is that they are not unique. Your business card may resemble another person’s card.

  • Bad Impression to Potential Clients

Your prospects and clients may have already seen a similar card. Therefore, they will not take your business seriously.

Custom Business Cards


  • Unique and Appealing Design

A custom business card is unique and has never been used before. Passing such a card to prospects and potential clients helps you leave a good impression about your business.


  • Expensive

At most times, you have to hire a designer to do your custom business card. It may also need special printing. These actions can end up being very expensive to you.

  • Time Consuming

Due to the personal touch that needs to be added, creating a custom business card can end up taking a very long time to do. Therefore, a custom business card might not be the best option for you when you urgently need one.

The Importance of Business Card Design

Many people overlook this but business card design is critical. Here are some benefits of good business card design:

  • Set Yourself Apart

Having a proper business card design helps to set you apart from the competition. You want people to look at your card in a different way. You would want them to use a general design that resembles that of your competition. The only way you can actually show your clients and prospects that your business is unique is to go for a professionally done and custom-made design.

  • Add Your Personal Touch

You want people to look at your business card and see your attributes and those of your business on the card. The only way you can achieve this is to go for a custom card, which provides you with the opportunity to add your own unique features that will appeal to your clients.

Business cards are an essential element of any business. The only way people are going to take you seriously depends on the way you present yourself, and a business card helps you greatly. Nevertheless, this should not mean that you use any kind of business card. A generic card might be easy and inexpensive to make, but might leave a bad impression to your prospects. This is because they might have already come across a similar design somewhere else. A custom business card can solve this issue for you because it is not only unique, but also appeals those you pass it to. This can go a long way in attracting more business for you since people will take you and your business more seriously. Despite this, a custom business card can be a bit expensive. However, it gives you the most value for your money.