Why Custom-Made Business Cards Are A Better Option

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Business cards not only display your brand’s personality but also establish deeper connections with potential customers. However, customizing your business cards can help you achieve more because of the visual appeal and other unique aspects it incorporates into the design. As long as your business card stands out from the competition, it is more likely … Read more

How Can I Print Business Cards With Unique Codes On Them?

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Business cards are vital especially for working people who are regularly attending workshops and networking where exchanging cards is a norm. However, with digitization, there has also been an evolution pertaining to how these cards are customized and ultimately printed. Most are now embedded with certain unique codes, which render printing to be quite an … Read more

Should Business Cards be Glossy or Matte?

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Since uncoated paper usually has a porous feature, the coating fills in the pores and minimizes the ink absorbed into the paper during printing. The resulting paper is not only durable but also has brighter and richer colors. During the coating process, matte paper requires less and does not need a lot of polishing like … Read more

How to Design a Business Card that People Will Keep?

They can easily differentiate you from the competition, as they are less common than the horizontals. Keep Your Design Simple Many design novices have a belief that simple is boring but that is not the case with business cards. Minimal business card designs can be quite elegant as they allow enough room to add important … Read more

What Paper Should I Print Business Cards On?

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Also known as the dull card stock, matte stock is the most preferred business card stock because of its clean, smooth, and non-shiny surface. This card stock offers an elegant look and feel, one that can be written on just in case contact details such as telephone numbers and emails got changed or added. They … Read more

Tips to Consider When Designing a Business Card

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Select the Most Appropriate Shape and Size Business cards often vary in terms of size and orientation. This influences the size of the text and the amount of information that can be written on the card. Horizontal rectangular cards are very popular because they have been used for a very long time. You can differentiate … Read more

What Do Your Business Cards Say About You?

If you think about all the things professionals do to make an impression on colleagues, customers, and potential new clients, it really is mind-boggling. People go to great lengths to earn the confidence of others, whether it means working out regularly, investing in new business clothes, paying more attention to finer aspects of grooming, or … Read more