Should Business Cards be Glossy or Matte?

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Making good-looking business cards is a bigger job than you may think. You have to take into consideration several factors including the coloring, design, and finish for your card. Having the right business card can help you make a good first impression and make people regard you highly and want to do business with you. When it comes to the design for your business card, you mainly have two options to consider – glossy or matte cards. This article looks at the differences between the two so you can easily make your decision on what to go for.

One surprising thing about glossy and matte business cards is that a similar clay-based coating is used to create the effect. The only difference is the application process and the amount of coating applied. These properties are what bring out the distinction between the two.

glossy or matte business card
Since uncoated paper usually has a porous feature, the coating fills in the pores and minimizes the ink absorbed into the paper during printing. The resulting paper is not only durable but also has brighter and richer colors. During the coating process, matte paper requires less and does not need a lot of polishing like glossy paper. Read on to see more details regarding glossy and matte cards.

Glossy Business Cards

Glossy business cards have a smooth finish and are quite shiny in terms of their appearance. Due to their design, glossy cards tend to be of better quality and have more protective properties than matte ones. These cards are good in that they help make the colors pop. The vibrancy offered by these cards will definitely make a great first impression to anyone that receives them.

Despite these benefits, glossy business cards have their own issues. The first problem is that due to the shiny finish, it can be hard to ready a glossy card. In areas with a lot of light, someone could struggle reading details like your email, job title, and phone number. In this specific respect, matte cards have better legibility compared to glossy ones, as one can easily read indicated details. Another problem is that if not well done, a glossy card can appear less clean and tacky. Therefore, if you still make the decision to go with a glossy business card, you want to ensure it is of high quality.

Matte Business Cards

Matte business cards give the look of standard card stocks. They are quite aesthetically pleasing because of the modern and clean look they give. Matte cards give a clean and smooth finish that works quite well with subdued colors and designs. In addition, a matte finish removes the glare from the card, giving an awesome look that cannot be affected by things such as fingerprints in case someone touches it. If you wish to add some writing on the card as you give it out, a matte finish gives a good surface for that purpose.

The major downside with matte cards is that they are less durable compared to glossy ones. This is because they easily peel and fade, especially when stored in a wallet or bag. Apart from this, the cards are quite expensive compared to glossy ones because it is assumed that if you are looking for aesthetic value then you should not mind paying extra for the great quality.

Should Business Cards be Glossy or Matte?

Glossy business cards tend to be more customer favorite than matte cards. The reasoning behind this is that a glossy finish offers the card extra protection from damage and leads to a beautiful appearance. Glossy paper is also loved because it looks polished and elegant. However, matte cards are ideal for individuals looking for a sleek look. These cards are easier to the eyes, as one can easily read the details on the card.

Business cards can be referred to as the visual representation of a business or brand. Giving out business cards gives the impression that you are legitimate and professional. It makes people want to work with you. Therefore, designing your cards in a proper way that represents your brand in the best way possible is important. Glossy and matte are the main business card finishes that you can get. Lucky for you, we have highlighted the different pros and cons of each. A glossy card is shiny and of better quality than a matte one. However, a matte business card is aesthetically pleasing but also quite expensive. Your choice between the two will depend on these factors plus your personal preference.