What Products Make For Great Direct Mail Response?

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For the longest now, companies have taken the advantage of direct mail for marketing purposes. This is because marketing agencies know the secret that people respond well to the idea of opening their mailboxes to see if there is something. The response to direct mail has lowered over the recent past, as people embrace digital mails such as emails. However, this does not mean that direct mail should be overlooked when considering marketing campaigns. It is a great marketing technique when used well and personalized. This article gives information regarding the different products that trigger a response from direct mail.

  • Coupons

People develop personal relationships with businesses that reward or gift them from time to time. Coupons are some of the many ways through which business brands can show appreciation to their loyal customers. The customers can then redeem such coupons for goods from retail stores.

Conceptual hand writing showing Direct Mail Advertising

Together with coupons, a letter comes bearing a personalized message thanking the customer for their continued loyalty and call to action so that they keep buying from them. Coupons are a sure way that customers will respond since they feel appreciated and valued.

  • Postcards

Sending postcards is another great hack of invoking a response from direct mail marketing. When it bears a personalized message, potential customers will love the fact that they feel special and valued. It will as a result trigger response and turn to convert into sales. It is a cheap marketing tool since you do not have to run a campaign thereby making it ideal for small-medium enterprises. Even so, ensure the paper and the engravings are of the highest quality possible. Cheap paper and shoddy graphics may signal to your target audience that you are a mean person and they may not take this very well. Also, pay attention to the quality and details of the message in the postcards.

  • Personalized Brochures

A brochure is another great marketing tool that people cannot afford to ignore. Usually, brochures are handed out to people while passing at specific points like an entrance to a mall. They are meant to be carried home and read and responded to later. Similarly, brochures make a great product for triggering a response to direct mail. Learning institutions, healthcare facilities, tourism, and catering companies can send brochures to their target audience in the vicinity. The brochures could be carrying messages like offers, promotions and undiscovered tourist destinations to visit comes the summer. To make the most out of the brochures, they should be made of the highest quality paper, custom graphics, and bear a highly personalized message.

  • Gimmick Toys

Gimmick toys are small tools or toys that are intended to solve serious but small problems in people’s lives. In most cases, gimmick toys are tools made in a design that speaks of the products and services that a business is selling. For example, if you are a dentist, you can make them in the shape of a tooth. If you run dogs’ supplies in the neighborhood, you can mail people key chains in the shape of their dogs. If it is a car business, the gimmick toys can come in the shape of the cars they wish to introduce to their target audience.

  • Tiny Business Cards

Business cards are some of the most engaging marketing tools since they can be given at any point, even when at social gatherings. On the other side, you can only give out business cards to people you have created some bits of rapport with. The good news is that you can send business cards to your target audience through direct mail. However, for business cards to trigger a response from direct mail, you have to be creative enough so that they do not appear so common like the ones stashed in people’s wallets. Make them as small as possible and use high-quality paper so that they do not tear up any soon. You can make them in the shape and design of the products and services you sell.

In the recent past, direct mail has been presumed to be spammy, an impression that market agencies must change through their creativity. However, this creativity cannot come from an amateur graphic designer. If you are planning to make the most out of direct mail marketing, you have to work with a good graphic design agency. They are the only people that can be trusted to design highly creative and catchy direct mail products that will trigger not just any response, but also an instant decisive response.