What Products Make For Great Direct Mail Response?

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Together with coupons, a letter comes bearing a personalized message thanking the customer for their continued loyalty and call to action so that they keep buying from them. Coupons are a sure way that customers will respond since they feel appreciated and valued. Postcards Sending postcards is another great hack of invoking a response from … Read more

What are The Average Open and Read Rates for Direct Mail?

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According to Data and Marketing Association, 90 percent of direct mail gets opened and read compared to using electronic mail. It is easy for consumers to ignore promotional emails because they send and receive many emails each day. This makes it difficult to distinguish your message from other competitors because they are considered to be … Read more

How Effective is Direct Mail in Marketing?

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This is quite good compared to other marketing methods like email and social media where messages remain unopened and are seen as spam. For direct mails, your message has to be seen and touched before a customer makes a decision. Additionally, opening direct mails has no risk compared to emails, which could lead to hacking … Read more

Top Direct Mailing Tips For Your Business

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Potential customers need to understand more of how your product or service will be of help to them rather than discussing only the features of what you are offering. A call to action is a great way to motivate prospects as it relates directly to your great offer. You can boost your return on investment … Read more

How Effective is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is one of the most profitable and effective ways to reach out to both new and existing customers or clients. It makes it easier to communicate with your target audience at a personal level, unlike other marketing campaigns where you do not know who receives your message and what they will do afterward. … Read more

I Need a Mailing List for My Business: Where Should I Start?

Unless you’ve been on vacation and haven’t checked your mailbox lately, you’re probably aware that direct mail marketing is alive and well. Of course, the vast majority of communications are now sent digitally – but that’s one of the main reasons why direct mail has been able to stick around. In a world saturated with … Read more

In the Digital Age, Can Direct Mail Still Deliver Results?

The world has changed a lot in the last twenty years – nobody can argue with that. The digital revolution has totally changed the way we think about doing business. Online transactions now account for the majority of money being spent around the world, and digital marketing has become a massive industry in itself. Every … Read more