How do direct mail marketing campaigns work in the US?

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Direct mail marketing is a type of marketing strategy where physical correspondence such as brochures, postcards, letters, and other promotional materials are sent to the mailboxes of a targeted audience. This means that the message is sent directly to the recipient rather than a third party like an online ad or a TV commercial. Direct mail marketing campaigns are still popular in the United States because they are well-targeted and personalized. In this article, we will be discussing how direct mail marketing campaigns work in the US and why they are still effective today.

Direct mail marketing campaigns in the United States of America

Direct mail marketing is considered a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States that allows businesses and organizations to send physical correspondence such as brochures, catalogs, and postcards to a targeted audience.

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Do you need help with direct marketing?

Some of the delivery services available in the US that can help you with your direct mail marketing campaign include the United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and UPS, among others. To create a direct mail marketing campaign, it is important for businesses to first identify their targeted audience.

You can do this by using demographic data such as location, age, gender, and income, or by using psychographic data such as hobbies and interests. Businesses then compile a mailing list of potential recipients once the targeted audience has been identified. They can do this by purchasing lists from mailing list providers or creating their own by collecting data from their customers, website visitors, or other sources. After compiling the mail list, the next step is to design and print the direct mail materials. The materials should be relevant to the target audience and have a clear call to action such as a phone number or website address.

The direct mail materials are then mailed to the recipients using a delivery mail service of your choice. Businesses need to choose the mail class that best meets their needs and budget. You can track the results of your direct mail marketing through a variety of metrics such as click-through rates, response rates, and sales. The information you get from their feedback can help you improve your future campaigns and get a better return on investment.

Benefits of direct mail marketing in the US

  • Highly targeted

Direct mail marketing allows businesses to target their marketing efforts to specific demographics, interests, and purchase histories. This boosts the confidence of businesses as they know their messages will be seen and read by potential customers and clients who are interested in what they have to offer. Another reason why it is highly targeted is because it offers an opportunity to reach more people at a time. More than 72 percent of U.S. households have at least two or more people living together.

  • Less competition than email

The fact that many businesses in the U.S. send more emails than mail per day means that there is less competition for brands that use mail marketing campaigns. Less competition gives you more opportunities to extend your customer reach and deliver your message directly to both potential and existing customers. Instead of competing for attention with other businesses that send several emails to a client in a day, sending a brochure, postcard, or any other physical correspondence directly to your customers increases their chances of taking action on your offer.

  • High response rates

Direct mail marketing has the highest response rates compared to other marketing channels used in digital platforms. According to the Direct Marketing Association, businesses that use direct mail marketing receive an average response rate of 3.7%. People usually open their mailboxes with a lot of excitement to see what’s in store for them. After receiving the postcard, brochure, or catalog, they take time to read through it and understand what value your products or services will add to their lives. As a result, they get emotionally attached and are more willing to take action even if it takes time.

  • It boosts brand visibility

Direct mail marketing stands out from the clutter people receive in their email boxes because it can be personalized to the recipient. It grabs more attention when a client sees their name and address on a piece of mail because it makes them more likely to open it. The fact that it is tangible and can be held makes it more memorable and engaging than other online marketing channels. Since you send them physical items, they can always keep them around for as long as they want to, thus boosting your brand visibility.

Direct mail marketing campaigns are still effective in the U.S. because they are highly targeted, have high response rates, boost brand visibility, and offer less competition than digital marketing campaigns. Whether you are just getting started or you have a running business, you can benefit significantly from digital marketing campaigns as they convey the message directly to your potential clients and customers.