What is the purpose of a yard sign?

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Yard signs are popular because they are affordable and effective marketing tools for promoting businesses, campaigns, and other different causes. It is considered a type of offline advertising because the signs are placed at strategic locations where they can be seen by both motorists and passersby. The main purpose of a yard sign is to create awareness about a business, organization, or any other cause to a targeted audience. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about yard signs and why you should consider investing in one for your advertising campaign.

Popular uses of yard signs

Yard signs can be used by companies that deal with real estate, home services, political campaigning, grand openings, sales, and festivals or events. They can also be used by general contractors when building or renovating a home to create awareness for passersby about ongoing construction. Yard signs can also be used to guide people in an event or a field area by showing directions, warnings, or precautions that people should take around a specific area. The size of a yard sign may vary depending on how you intend to use it.

Benefits of yard signs

yard sign
What are the benefits of a yard sign?
  • They target your actual audience

Any small business or startup that wants to thrive in its locale should consider investing in a yard sign as it targets your actual audience. Social media campaigns and internet ads are good advertising strategies but may target a high percentage of people who are far from your business location. Not all customers are willing to travel long distances for a product or service that is available across their street. With a yard sign, you will be advertising to people within your area who might be interested in what you offer and can easily access your business address.

  • They are durable

Yard signs are made of durable and affordable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. This means they can be left outdoors for a very long time without the design washing off in an instant. They are also easier to install and can be set up in different locations that receive lots of traffic from people who might need your products or services. High-quality yard signs can hold up all year long without losing their visual aspect or readability.

  • Seasonal messaging

You can share a non-sales seasonal message with a yard sign for holidays, and other special occasions of the year. When combined with other marketing strategies, it can offer the perfect way to increase brand awareness and loyalty among your existing customers. You can share the holiday spirit with your targeted audience by placing seasonal messaging yard signs around your business premises or other strategic locations.

  • Multiple views per person

Since your yard sign is local, one of the major benefits you expect is repeated exposure. It takes multiple interactions with your brand before a customer reaches their final purchasing decision. Yard signs can offer a simple but consistent reminder of what your company or organization is ready to offer. The repeated exposure also reduces confusion or the need to ask questions if an individual can get direction or take action from what they read on a yard sign.

  • They are environmentally friendly

The same yard sign can be reused over and over because they are recyclable. For instance, if you advertise a seasonal business or an annual event, you can always use the same yard sign but with a different design for what you intend to advertise. It is different from other forms of traditional advertising such as flyers which need to be printed in bulk every time you want to advertise.

Tips for effective yard sign marketing

A good yard sign should have high-contrast text and color to make it conspicuous or more visible in the eyes of the public. The design should remain uncluttered to avoid distracting the viewers from your message. A short and sweet text is enough to gain interest and should include a simple call to action to gain leads. A larger yard sign offers a better response rate because it can be seen from a far distance. The best location to place this sign is in highly trafficked areas and strategic enough for people to process the information.

Not only are yard signs cheaper to produce but are also effective at creating awareness about your business, event, promotion, and much more. To communicate more effectively with your targeted audience, it is important to ensure your yard sign has a simple and stylish design that is visible from a distance.