How Effective is Direct Mail in Marketing?

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This is quite good compared to other marketing methods like email and social media where messages remain unopened and are seen as spam. For direct mails, your message has to be seen and touched before a customer makes a decision. Additionally, opening direct mails has no risk compared to emails, which could lead to hacking … Read more

Should My Business Try a Direct Mail Campaign?

By now, the digital revolution seems like old news. So much of what we do these days revolves around digital devices and digital information – we hardly give it a thought anymore. Wi-Fi is available on flights, buses, in cars, and in countless public places. Business and advertising efforts are heavily focused on digital activity, … Read more

What is the Future of Direct Mail Marketing?

If the past few decades have taught us anything, it’s that the future is unpredictable. No where is this more true than in business. The rapid pace of technology and communication has changed the way we do everything, including the way we market and promote our products to customers, the way we develop an audience, … Read more

How to Make Your Direct Mail Campaign Stand Out

Even in the digital age, direct mail campaigns are still frequently (and successfully, in many cases) used to promote products/services and garner new client interest. So of the dozens of promotional mail that potential customers get each week, how do you plan to make yours stand out? There are a number of ways to ensure … Read more

What’s the Secret to Direct Marketing Success?

Let’s face it — people are constantly complaining about junk mail, both paper and electronic! But that doesn’t mean direct mail campaigns are no longer a viable way to get your message out there. Direct mailing can be a great way to reengage former customers and get new ones — but it needs to be … Read more