What are the Benefits of a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

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Direct mail marketing has been with us for the longest time now. However, with the introduction of technology and internet, it has slowly lost touch with most people, as a form of marketing. However, a considerable number of people find opening of mails fun and amazing, hence a businesses, especially startups still use it to reach their potential customers. What people do not know is that it has several amazing benefits that will make you try it out today. For example, not all people like the internet and social media. Direct mail marketing thus becomes a good media to reach them. This article looks at the benefits of a direct mail marketing campaign.

  • Cost Effectiveness

On other forms of marketing like TV and radio, the number of times an advert is played depends on the advertising package you have bought. This therefore means that for you to reach your target audience, you will have to invest a lot of money into marketing. With direct mail marketing on the other hand, you can create as many brochures and post cards as possible and send them to the contact list that you have. In addition, the cost of making the brochures is minimal. You just use your computer to design your templates after which you take them to a printing vendor across the street, a task that is very cheap since you enjoy huge discounts because of bulk buying.

  • Personalized

The mail piece usually contains the name and address of each target. This personalization makes them feel valued and appreciated, unlike in other forms of marketing such as radio and TV that do not target anyone in particular. They feel like they really own part of the company and are more likely to turn into customers of your products because people like things that they can identify with.

  • Highly Targeted

Unlike in other forms of marketing where you target almost everyone like on TV and radio, even if they are not your potential customers, with direct mail marketing you target only specific groups of people that are highly likely to be potential customers. For example, if you are selling dog food, you only need to find a contact list of people who buy dog food and send them the mail pieces, and not just anyone. It is highly likely that most of them will become your customers.

  • It is Measurable

In other marketing methods like radio or TV, it is almost impossible to keep track of the returns of the marketing campaign you are doing. With direct mail marketing, you can keep track of the number of mail pieces you sent and compare with the number of those people that turned into customers. This can help you decide if you are going to change the tactic or the number of mail pieces you are going to send.

  • It is Familiar to Most People

Almost everyone has once used direct mail since it is similar to the same way we receive letters at our homes. This makes direct mail marketing familiar to most people all over the world. This familiarity makes it possible to reach a bigger audience unlike in other forms of marketing like TV and social media. In addition, this familiarity makes the people feel some connection with the marketing company and may end up buying the product, especially if you are dealing with those who do not like TV and social media.

  • The Process is Simple

Other forms of advertising like radio and TV entail a long complicated process that includes voice over, video, and editing. In addition to this, before an advert gets to that point, it has to go through a long and complicated channel of editors. It may also require two or more computer software especially graphic designing if it is a TV advert. With direct mail marketing, the process is simple; you just use your computer to make the brochures and post cards about your business then you hire a printing vendor after which you just mail them.

If you have a startup business and you do not have enough capital to channel into massive advertising, direct mail marketing is your break through point. This can give you a huge advantage over other forms of marketing that may not even translate into sales. It can even act as a complement for other forms of marketing and as a booster if the other forms have failed, or are not translating into equal sales.