Invitation Cards Design Tips and Why You Should Hire a Professional

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Invitation cards speak a lot about the type of event you are inviting people to. It can also speak a lot about you. Making a wrong invitation card can be a major put off to people that you so look forward to have at your event. Doing it right will help you make some great invitation cards that will not only be appealing, but it will also make people, including those that had not planned to attend, look forward to your event because the invitation gives them the idea that the event will be great and fun. This article looks at invitation card design tips you should consider implementing in your next event.

  • Make it Look Like a Ticket

The advantage of making an invitation card look like a ticket is that someone will put a lot of value into it and hence will store it in a good condition. They are likely to place it somewhere with other valuable items like trophies and portraits – a place they are likely to see it daily. For this reason, people are not likely to forget about your event and you can rest assured that they are going to show up, together with their friends and family, if they are invited. The joy of a party is to have as many people showing as possible, and designing your card properly will make it look outstanding.

  • Use an Eye Catching Heading

You can make a great invitation card using outstanding material, good texture, and fantastic great color and design but fail to give it an eye-catching heading. The heading is the key determinant as to whether people will attend your event or not. Professionals advise that it should be bold, plain text and in large enough font, for everyone to be able to read, without much hustle. Usually, a font of at least 40pt is advisable.

  • Two Column Layout for Information

Do not splash your event details all over the card such that people will spend so much time looking for the essential information about the event. People have no much time to dedicate to a card so give them a reason to read, in a proper organized manner. Make the information fit in two columns. The card will look organized and will have no hard time reading.

  • Use a Custom Theme Background

A background of the invitation card speaks a lot about the type of event you are holding. Making a background theme match your event is key to compelling as many people to attend your event as possible. Use a little faint theme that matches your event. It should not be so bold to a point of making the heading and the image blur.

  • Give More Attention to the Image

An invitation card without an image is not complete. An image, just like everything else on the card, speaks a lot about the type of event that is going down. Someone can simply look at the image on the card and know about the event, even before reading the heading or the finer details. Therefore, it is at this point that you should be creative. Make it appealing, with some bright colors and frame. This makes it even more outstanding and visible from far. This is a huge plus, especially if it landed on people who have a poor eyesight.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional gives you an advantage over the do-it-yourself technique. It save you time, which is of essence if your event is in the near future. The professionals will make some great cards than you would, because it is what they do best. You will save money that you would have spent by repeating a design after you destroy a card by mistake. They also buy materials and tools in bulk, hence purchase discounts. For this reason, they usually charge a fair price for an amazing service.

However much you try, you can never do the same good work than a professional would, not unless you have the knowledge and skills. The advantages of hiring professional designers are so many and since you do not want to take chances with your event, have one take do the job for you. By doing this, you can be guaranteed that they will deliver incredible results and your event will be on everybody’s mouth for weeks after it has happened. This is because they will take up this challenge to make a great invitation card while you concentrate on different issues of planning the event.