How Effective is Direct Mail in Marketing?

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Direct mail entails a bespoke marketing idea where a letter or brochure is sent to existing or prospective clients. This entails physical mail, which is in stark contrast to digital marketing where everything is done virtually.

This has made it quite easy for many businesses to forget or negate the essence of direct mail as a useful tool in marketing. Many people are therefore very skeptical about its efficacy and are hesitant to incorporate it into their marketing strategy as it is deemed ancient and outdated.

However, this is not accurate as direct mail still has its benefits and there is still a plethora of reasons as to why it should be deemed effective. This article looks at exactly that. 

People Still Find Direct Mail Fun

Direct Mail Marketing works!

Across all demographics, studies have clearly depicted that this type of mail entails a very particular feel that many feel enjoyable compared to online marketing which has overwhelmed many. Gen Z’s said that they wait with bated breath for certified mail, and they are usually very keen to visit the relevant website after receiving such mail. Gen X on the other hand also shared similar sentiments alluding to the fact that direct mail feels more appreciative and personal compared to internet marketing which is often sent in bulk. Millennials also mentioned that direct mail feels very safe, is not intrusive and that it evokes a feeling of being valued by a brand thus making many in this demographic inquire more about products or approach the requisite stores immediately after receiving mail thus making it quite effective.

Direct Mail Has More Reach

An email is usually registered under one person. This implies that multiple emails have to be sent to reach a certain number of specified people per the target set by the business. This is a very difficult endeavor and tracking its effectiveness, statistics and conducting surveys can be quite difficult due to the high number of emails involved all of which have to be addressed individually. Responding to any inquiries from digital platforms can be quite tasking as well. However, direct mail entails more reach as many homes house more than one person. This ranges from couples, families, or even adults who are still living with their parents. This helps to cut costs and time whilst also guaranteeing decent deliverables.

Better Conversion Rates

From the onset, it is vital to stress that direct mail has better conversion rates as more people respond compared to digital email marketing. The quick and fast nature of digital media and digital platforms makes it possible to miss some things. Some mail could go to the spam folder or there could be so many sent emails that people would just opt to ignore or unintentionally miss altogether. However, when it comes to direct mail, there is certainty that the mail will be directly received. This has made direct mail a hit especially for brands that are not quite popular because they are usually ignored when using digital marketing by the mere virtue of being an unknown brand. The rate of response in direct mail marketing is higher, and it is therefore quite simple to convert such mail into a sale as it motivates the intended target to respond and more so act on the same rendering it quite effective.

Reduced Competition amongst Brands

From a cursory glance at your email inbox, you can tell the number of emails being sent your way every day by different brands. Some of these brands are usually in the same field or industry thus the competition in such instances is quite high making it harder to make a decision. However, only some direct mail is addressed to the intended recipients making it easy to sort through them and be decisive as the competition is less stiff because many brands do not embrace direct mail. This makes it more effective as less competition and better decision-making by consumers are crucial cannons for any business.

Tangibility and Better Emotional Connection

The physical nature of direct mail as a concept makes it ideal as a marketing tool. It creates a better emotional connection with the consumer by engaging them at such a direct level. Any business emanating therefore involves sentimental value, which is critical for repeat business.

The foregoing has depicted the effectiveness of direct mail as a concept. It is not ancient, and it is quite effective thus, you should not hesitate to incorporate it into your personal business. Contrary to popular belief, it could be exactly what you are missing to make your business advance to the next level.