Why Do Some Direct Mail Campaigns Fail?

Despite the digital marketing renaissance of the 21st century (and all that comes with it), direct mail has remained relevant as a way to reach people. This comes as a surprise to many business experts, who thought that traditional ways of marketing would be completely overwhelmed by the digital side of things. It’s certainly true … Read more

Five Amazing Facts about Direct Mail

Some business managers have given up on direct mail. Their reasoning? “It’s just not relevant anymore. Digital marketing is where it’s at. E-mail is cheaper and more effective. Nobody reads paper mail anymore.” In fact, this reasoning isn’t as solid as you might think. It’s certainly true that marketing has been changed forever by the … Read more

Three Big Mistakes When Hiring a Direct Mail Professional

Businesses have a lot of things to consider these days. The advent of email and social media marketing has completely changed the way people think about growing their businesses and reaching an audience—but there are still many unanswered questions about these virtual mediums. You still need a dedicated expert in order to really understand best … Read more

Direct Mail Marketing: Is it Still Relevant?

Sending promotional materials to residential and commercial mailboxes used to be one of the most common, effective ways for businesses to reach an audience. You probably remember how full your mailbox used to be—and the amazing thing is, most people actually did look at the majority of material that came to their property. Before there … Read more