How Do I Find the Best Copy/Print/Mail Specialist in My Area?

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sq_copiesThere’s nothing like a shortcut that helps you make an effective, meaningful decision for your business. Today more than ever, a timely piece of information is a huge advantage for businesses of all types and sizes. Why? Simply because there are so many decisions to make. There is so much information to process.

So when it comes to finding a direct mail specialist who will put your budget to use and make your project count, you could use a short cut. The list of things to do today is long enough already, and the sooner you find a qualified professional and get your mailing project underway, the better.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect shortcut to making the best possible decision. On the other hand, there are a few meaningful tips that will certainly give you better odds. Based on feedback from businesses across the country, here is a list of things to look for (and things to avoid) when seeking to hire a direct mail specialist for your project.

Years of Experience

The more experienced a direct mail company is, the less likely you are to hit snags and road blocks during your mailing project. Companies who know their stuff naturally attract more business and positive reviews. If the company itself hasn’t been around a long time, you should make sure that the individuals behind the company (in particular the people handling your project) have years of experience in the business.

The Latest Equipment

It might seem surprising, but there are direct mail companies out there who are still operating with old, outdated equipment. In terms of overall efficiency, a company that has invested in the latest technology will be able to bring you better printed mailings at a lower price.

Honest Fee Structures

Unclear or deceptive fee structures? No thanks. Today’s business doesn’t need any surprises—just clear, honest pricing. The best direct mail and print specialists always make their pricing clear. They should also be able to offer rates that compete with any company in your area.

Clear Contracts

There should never be anything about your direct mail contract that you don’t understand or feel comfortable with. Before you enter into an agreement with any direct mail specialist, it’s important to make sure that any written contracts are fully in line with any verbal or “informal” agreements that have been made. The last thing any reputable company wants us a misunderstanding that causes problems for the client later on.
Good Marketing Ideas

Some businesses simply need someone to take their files and print/mail them. Others want feedback and guidance, or maybe even a new design. The best direct mail and printing companies have these capabilities ready when you need them.

Good luck in your search for the best direct mail marketer!

You may not be able to find a shortcut for every aspect of your business. Truth be told, there are many aspects of business that are better done the old fashioned way. But when it comes to hiring a direct mail company, you can make a quality decision by seeking a reputable expert who years of experience in the business—and who has all of the traits listed here.