Three Ways to Make Your Print/Mail Project Stand Out

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Full-Color-Printing-picA marketing message that quietly blends into the crowd; when was the last time a business adopted this strategy? Probably never. Businesses want to stand out and make their message heard. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time and money. That goes for pretty much every type of marketing; and that’s why businesses work so hard to come up with fresh ideas, new approaches and savvy messages.

But not every marketing idea is brand new. There are marketing methods that have been established for quite a while, yet remain just as functional and important today as they were 20 or 30 years ago. Direct mail is a great example of this. The arrival of internet and email marketing has certainly changed the way businesses do things, but direct mail has not become obsolete in the aftermath. Actually, it’s a thriving medium of communication and marketing in a landscape that is saturated with digital content.

If you decide that a direct mail campaign (or several) is an effective way to achieve your business goals this year and into the future, you still have to locate a dedicated expert who knows how to reach your goals. And you still have to develop a promotional offer, a design, and a mailing strategy that will allow your message to make an impact.

Here are the top three ways to make your print/direct mail project stand out from the crowd:

1. Take Your Design Seriously

Too much of the promotional content in our mailboxes is poorly designed and difficult to read at a glance. Let’s be honest: The average homeowner or business owner is only going to give your printed message a few seconds of time before it goes in the recycling bin. Put a little more thought into the design and concept of your mailing—this will attract more attention and inspire people to consider interacting with your brand.

2. Study Your Audience Carefully

The days of simply blasting your message into as many mailboxes as possible have effectively been finished for along time. Successful direct mail campaigns take a smart, savvy approach to the development of mailing lists based on specific demographics and marketing intelligence.

3. Hire a Reputable Expert

Everything becomes much simpler when you have a qualified expert on your side. Simply hire a direct mail specialist who knows direct mailing inside and out, has all the equipment and training to handle large jobs, has in-house graphic design capabilities, and offers low rates with good service. You want a partner who not only brings your project to completion, but actually cares about the results you get from it.

Cutting Through the Noise

There’s a lot of marketing noise these days, and if your message is not delivered carefully and expertly, it could get lost. That’s not an effective use of your resources, and it doesn’t help you reach your business goals. When you use direct mail, remember these three tips. They’ll help you keep a critical, professional eye on your project, from the design stages right through to the final mailing. That’s when your direct mailing projects will begin to give you results that really matter.