How Can I Print Business Cards With Unique Codes On Them?

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Business cards are vital especially for working people who are regularly attending workshops and networking where exchanging cards is a norm. However, with digitization, there has also been an evolution pertaining to how these cards are customized and ultimately printed. Most are now embedded with certain unique codes, which render printing to be quite an onerous task. Despite having numerous ideas about how to create cards with bespoke codes and other distinct variations, many people are still unaware of how to print them hence posing such a huge impediment to the networking community. This article shall purpose to shed some light on this to simplify this seemingly tough task.


There are specific websites that aid to create and print cards with unique codes especially in batches. All the cards are printed from varying images. The biggest obstacle is often about creating and designing prior to the printing since this entails making different image files of the card all bearing the specific unique code that you desire well positioned at the top. So how do people normally go about this?


Creative and Clean Corporate Business Card Template.

It is borderline impossible to undertake this task without the use of the software. These files are in multiples and their unique nature implies that the endeavor necessitates the use of software to ensure that the design process and ultimate printing is seamless and completely simplified. People use Adobe Fireworks to add these unique codes onto the cards but the acquisition of the same especially one with premium features can be relatively pricey depending on the person. These calls for invention hence some people opt to use other tools to attain the same objective. An example is the use of different image manipulation tools combined with the guiding contemplative website. Several runs on different types of operating systems hence securing one should never be an issue.


Making a template is a precursor or fundamental prerequisite. It sets the tone and makes the whole task easy. An application can be useful now to help you figure out what size your image files should be and the precise specifications premised to what to expect during the printing process. This includes elements such as the size of the edges and other measurements, which have an implication on how the final cards will be printed. The majority of these applications usually have a guiding template that helps you to come up with a similar if not better design with your preferred measurements as clearly suggested hence ensuring that you are not overwhelmed by the technicalities of executing this project.


This is the most intricate part of the whole process. It is overly complicated hence, many people opt to delegate or leave this to experienced professionals. However, it is only imperative that you remain cognizant of how expensive this affair can turn out to be. This ensures that you can decide to get this done by yourself by demystifying the myth that it is a preserve of the professionals. Adding codes to the cards is doable with the use of different ImageMagick software that can pose some installation problems but they are eventually quite easy to maneuver. This software has the capability to employ an incantation to decipher and place the code exactly in the correct place on your business card. Any other adjustments and alterations such as the fonts and positioning can also be made with the use of these platforms to come up with the final card properly reduced to test.png. The only challenge is that this is in reference to the design and embedding of a unique code on one card whereas the desired business cards are quite a several. A special command can therefore be made and saved in a script from which different codes can be fed. The script can be easily accessible depending on the modalities of the software or platform in use. It produces the different images as PNG files all with the varied codes as desired in readiness for printing.


This is the final step of the process. The generated designs are uploaded onto certain online platforms, which help to print these cards without losing the inherent structural design and unique codes. There might be certain challenges associated with the ease of use pertaining to the interface but this should not end up being challenging provided you have an efficient computer devoid of any lags and possible derailment.

This article has amply answered the above question. You should be able to print business cards with unique codes by strictly adhering and following the foregoing. In case of any issues, be sure to reach out to experts to help you out.