What Paper Should I Print Business Cards On?

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You may not always get enough time to sell your brand especially when people are engaged in other activities. At that instance, is when you flash out your business card and let it do the talk for you.

It is therefore very clear that business cards can go a long way in telling people who you are, as a brand. One of the many considerations to factor in when making your business card is the paper. There is a wide variety of papers to choose from when printing your business card.

Since it may not always be easy to choose a paper on which to print your business card, this article gives you a simple and easy guide to help you make an informed choice.

  • Matte Stock
Company name business card mockup
Also known as the dull card stock, matte stock is the most preferred business card stock because of its clean, smooth, and non-shiny surface. This card stock offers an elegant look and feel, one that can be written on just in case contact details such as telephone numbers and emails got changed or added. They come in a wide array of colors such as tan, white, beige, and cream. They are also a bit heavier and for this reason, are very durable for carrying in pocket wallets. Although not like neutral tones, matte stocks are still a good business card stock to write on. Matte stock is a weighty 14 pt. stock appropriate for itemized, fresh printing without yielding the capacity to compose on the paper. You can likewise get UV covering on the facade of a dull/matte card to add a fly to the side that is not required for composing. This is a mainstream decision for postcards.

  • Glossy Stock

Glossy stocks are the best business card stocks when you are looking for something more modern and has bright looks. These stocks have a waterproof shiny coating that offers a wide range of bright colors where you can add images designs and photographs. The best thing about glossy stocks is that the shiny coating offers protection against elements such as water and tear. However, they do not come without their share of disadvantages; you cannot change or add contact details on the card. This means that you will have to print another new card and this translates to more weight on your budget.

  • Textured Stock

Finished card stocks can come in both matte and gleaming stocks. Finished stocks have designs squeezed into the stock to give them a specific vibe, like basket weave, dabs, or hounds tooth. Finished stocks arrive in a wide combination of hues and are frequently utilized by organizations looking for a material measurement to their card. Finished stocks are best for single-sided business cards. Finished matte stock favorable circumstances are predictable with those of standard matte stocks, while finished shiny stocks can be printed twofold sided. A twofold-sided card can now and again be overpowering, as it may leave a potential customer befuddled about the business. Although textured business card stock takes a huge toll on a constrained budget, you will reap the benefits that come with having a classy business card.

  • Photo Card Stock

Photograph card stocks are utilized when a business needs a photograph quality completion to the card, as is regularly the situation with realtors, entertainers, and models. Photograph card stocks are what might be compared to an expert photo, offering a more extensive scope of flexibility for organizations looking for a more complex impression. They function admirably for both single-sided and twofold-sided cards in full shading.

This article has shown you several papers that you can consider printing on your business card. You can choose matte stock, photo card stock, glossy stock, or textured stock. As we have previously noted, a business card allows you to sell your business without saying much. The quality of a business card can make a target audience develop or lose interest in your brand even without them setting a foot in your premises. This being said, it is unforgivable to have low quality or shoddy business cards. For that reason, do everything in your power to have your business card made in the best quality possible. Hiring a professional business card designer is the best way to get quality and professional business cards. Since not just any designer can design a good business card, ensure to land the best in town by sampling a few and verifying their credentials and ask for proof of previous word done.