5 Promotional Items to Consider for Your Company

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So you want to get your company’s name out there in a way that people won’t soon forget? Consider getting some custom printed promotional items. Sure, coffee mugs and pens are classic staples that have lasting appeal, but today there are dozens of other things that professional printers can put your company’s name and logo on. Want to set yourself apart from the competition with some unique promotional items? Consider the following.

Flash drives

Flash drives are a great option when it comes to functionality. These handy portable storage devices get regular use, and are small enough for people to keep on hand at all times. Just imagine — every time someone pops one of these drives into a USB port, your company’s name could be front and center!

Smartphone wallet

The great thing about smartphone wallets is that once they’re put to use, they’re impossible to lose! These slim rubber pockets have adhesive on the back and can be applied to the back of any smartphone or phone case. Once applied, they allow for easy storage of IDs and credit cards in an accessible place. And every time a user picks up their phone (which, let’s face it, is quite frequently for most people) you get free publicity for your company.

Reusable shopping bags

More and more cities and states are adding a plastic bag tax that requires shoppers to pay for any plastic bags they use at a store. This is a great move for the environment, but has left many people in need of sturdy reusable bags. Consider reusable bags if you want to put your name on something that people genuinely need and will make good use of. There’s also an attractive environmental angle to this choice.

Fidget spinners

It may not be the world’s most practical item, but suddenly fidget spinners are everywhere. These plastic toys are said to work wonders for stress relief and concentration — and whether or not that’s true, they’re definitely are fun to use. Fidget spinners are one of the newest items that can be printed with your company’s name or logo.

Power banks

It seems like smart phones are always running out of battery at the most inconvenient time, and people need a quick fix. A rechargeable power bank that can carried as backup — and used to charge devices independently of any other power source — are a fantastic 21st century marketing concept. These external batteries are now small enough to carry in a bag or pocket, and are the perfect size to print with your company name.

Choosing the Right Promotional Item Specialist

If you’re in the market for promotional items for your company, make sure you choose a printing company that is experienced and reliable. There’s nothing worse than a poorly done job that ends up costing you a bundle. Ask around with friends and coworkers who’ve had promotional items printed in the past for recommendations — and don’t forget to read online reviews to get a sense of overall customer satisfaction. If done well, promotional items can be a great way to get your company’s name out into the world and increase exposure.