What’s the Secret to Direct Marketing Success?

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Let’s face it — people are constantly complaining about junk mail, both paper and electronic! But that doesn’t mean direct mail campaigns are no longer a viable way to get your message out there. Direct mailing can be a great way to reengage former customers and get new ones — but it needs to be done well. If not, your prized promotional materials will likely end up in the trash.

So what is the secret to direct marketing success? We’ve put together three tips that will drive your direct mail campaigns farther, and help you make an impact.

1. Have a good mailing list

Your direct mail marketing campaign can only be as good as your mailing list. Ideally, your list should be developed from a number of sources, each of which indicates highly targeted metrics based on what you’re trying to achieve and who you’re trying to reach. This should include previous customers who are more likely to come back. Additionally, your list should include people with demographics, lifestyles and tendencies that correspond to your business or message. It’s easier said than done — but developing a finely tuned and well updated mailing list will help you save money and increase your response rate.

2. Know your audience

Whatever your target audience, use every resource available to understand it. Don’t shy away from digging into data and learning trends about the demographic you’re looking to target.

Use these trends and data to personalize your direct mail campaign to your target audience. The key is whether or not your prospects open what you send them or breeze right past it. By knowing your audience and personalizing your mailings to their tendencies and interests, you increase the likelihood that people will actually take the time read and absorb your message — as opposed to just tossing it.

3. Hire the best direct mail company you can find

Experts are there for a reason. When it comes to direct mail marketing, the best people for the job are those who have a combination of experience, work ethic, and natural skill. In the field of direct mail marketing, there are plenty of specialists who have one or two of these qualifications — but you shouldn’t settle for anything less than all three. A talented and experienced marketing specialist who’s willing to go above and beyond will help you take your direct mail campaign to the next level.

Finding a Reputable Direct Marketing Specialist
If you’d like to find a qualified direct marketing specialist, be ready to do your research. There are plenty of sub-par options available, so finding the perfect candidate for the right price may take some digging. Ask around with friends and colleagues for recommendations of marketing specialists they’ve used in the past. When narrowing down your final options, don’t be afraid to ask for references and speak with former clients about their experience working with said specialist. It may be a lot of work on the front end, but choosing the right direct marketing specialist will pay off in the long run!