What Do Your Business Cards Say About You?

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If you think about all the things professionals do to make an impression on colleagues, customers, and potential new clients, it really is mind-boggling. People go to great lengths to earn the confidence of others, whether it means working out regularly, investing in new business clothes, paying more attention to finer aspects of grooming, or working on being a more natural conversationalist. Self-improvement in the context of doing business is a huge industry, and it’s only getting bigger. It may be true that more people are working from home, but making a bold impression is still hugely important for the majority of business people in the world.

There are more drastic and impressive measures you can take, such as learning a new language in order to better communicate with an international client – or attending night school to earn an advanced degree in your chosen field. These can be game-changing strategies, and they can bring real results.

There are also the little things, like trimming your fingernails, finding a hairstyle that makes you feel confident, and yes – business cards. It’s hard to put an exact value on having a good quality business card that looks sharp and accurately communicates your professional style. There are plenty of people in the world today who think that business cards are a thing of the past – but they’re mistaken. As people look for more meaningful and solid professional connections, good old-fashioned business cards will continue to grow in popularity.

The funny thing is that business cards seem incredibly simple. In some cases, it seems like anybody could design and produce one. But as with many trades, the professional’s job is to make things look easy. In reality, there is a lot of thoughtfulness and expertise that goes into producing next-level business cards.

Design is one thing. Does the business card communicate your message, name, logo and title in a way that is both simple and eye-catching? Have you “honed in” on what really makes you stand out as a professional? A lot of business cards are rushed and poorly conceived. This is either because the customer doesn’t understand the importance of a great business card, or because the printer cuts corners and doesn’t strive to exceed expectations on every single project.

Another important aspect of good business cards is the paper, cutting, and alignment techniques that are used. A well-designed business card won’t do you much good if it’s off-center or printed on flimsy stock. All of the elements ­– messaging, design, materials, and craftsmanship – must come together if a business card is truly going to rise above the pack.

Where to go for next-level business cards

Business cards aren’t rocket science, but there is a very wide spectrum of quality. A cheap, flimsy, misaligned business card is not the kind of impression you want to make. A high quality, well-designed and bold business card will serve you much better. That’s why finding a reputable printer – one who is experienced with business cards – will make all the difference.