What Can Virtual Marketing Learn from Direct Mail?

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For many years, all you heard about was the power of digital marketing. Businesses flocked to SEO specialists, digital advertising firms, and email marketing gurus to give them guidance and help them forge a path to success. But in recent years, businesses have realized that digital advertising and promotions aren’t everything. As the business world became saturated with efforts to get ahead in the digital space, and as people begin to rely mobile devices for a greater number of tasks, a certain amount of focus shifted away from cyberspace and back into the physical world.

This accounts for the recent “renaissance” of paper mailing and direct mail campaigns. Businesses who want to cut through the clutter and have their message heard realize that email and Google aren’t always the best ways to do that – especially when so many businesses in so many different industries are focused so intently on digital marketing. The average email inbox is far more inundated and cluttered then the average physical mailbox. This means that companies who are willing to incorporate the old way of doing things into their strategy will have an effective and impactful tool to reach both new and existing customers.

But the direct mail campaign of today, at least when handled by a consummate professional, does not really represent the old-fashioned way of doing things at all. As a matter of fact, there are number of things that virtual marketing and advertising can learn from direct mail.

Finding the right touch points

As mentioned, direct mail marketing has experienced a resurgence. This is due, in large part, to the inundation and flooding the email boxes with spam and marketing messages. The physical mailbox has suddenly become a more viable and impactful touch point for businesses trying to get their message across. There are many new touch points being discovered all the time in cyberspace. Finding ways to creatively connect with people in a virtual world is an important step for businesses moving forward.

Putting effort into your message

When you craft a message for a physical mailing that will be printed and sent two hundreds or thousands of people across any number of communities, you’re more likely to put a lot of effort and care into the messaging, promotional details, and visual design of the mailing. Too many digital marketing campaigns don’t take their messaging seriously enough, thinking that most of the emails will be deleted anyway and a new campaign can always be designed. But this mindset simply does not produce the best results. Every interaction with the existing or potential customers, whether physical or virtual, is an opportunity to present a more effective message.

Marketing with Muscle

No business sets out on a new marketing or advertising campaign with mediocre results in mind. And yet, so many campaigns fail to have kind of impact that business owners and managers really want. The only way to make sure that your print and direct mail marketing campaigns have a positive effect on your bottom line is to partner with the most experienced, and reputable direct mail specialists you can find.