How Does a Printing Press Work?

The printing press, as we know it today, has come a long way in the evolution cycle. Before the invention of the first print press by Johannes Gutenberg, a blacksmith from Germany, people used to write on scribes. The print press discovered by Gutenberg encompassed a wooden press with screws.

The first ever publication made using Gutenberg’s press was the Bible in the mid-15th century. Since then, the printing press has seen many improvements, with the main one coming in the 19th century when steam was used to run the press.

What are the Different Screen Printing Methods?

Man printing on t shirt in workshop

Screen printing is a popular technique that many industries apply today in their production and advertisement. There are six main types of screen printing and they are beneficial in that, one can produce vivid colors despite the lightness or darkness of the fabric being used. It is applicable on fabrics, paper, wood, metal, and plastic. … Read more