Elevate Your Next Tradeshow Appearance with Custom Signage

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When business and advertising began to go digital, a lot of people wondered if conferences and tradeshows would go the way of the dinosaur. What would be the purpose of traveling hundreds of miles, paying for travel expenses, and carving out time to attend these types of events? You would be able to livestream everything, and if there was anyone at the event you wanted to contact, you could easily do that through LinkedIn or some other channel.

As we’ve seen, nothing like this has actually happened. Sure, video conferencing has become an important way to facilitate communication at all levels of business – but as time goes on, we continue to see that there’s just no replacement for face-to-face contact. Conferences and tradeshows remain as vitally important as ever – perhaps even more important, since so much contact is made through “impersonal” means. Businesses large and small are attending tradeshows regularly – often as exhibitors.

This brings us to the important matter of custom signage. If you’re planning on attending at least one tradeshow in the next year, and if you want to make an immediate impression on the other attendees, getting your signage right is a big step in the right direction. There are a number of different ways you can go, from hanging banners to the ultra-portable “pull-up” variety. There are also items like “window cling” and adhesive vinyl that could come into play in different scenarios.

If you’ve been to a lot of tradeshows and exhibitions before, you’ve probably noticed a significant range of quality in the custom signage that you see. Sometimes the design looks faded, uneven and lifeless. Does this reflect on that particular business or company? Of course it does! When people walk through a tradeshow or exhibit hall, there are a lot of companies and people vying for their attention. Your business or product may not be relevant to 100% of the people at your event, but 100% of those people will certainly appreciate a professional and vibrant presentation. This begins with high quality signage that is expertly designed and produced.

You may have your own graphic design elements, or you may need help with that side of things. A skilled printing company is often able to provide high-quality graphic design services that cost a lot less than some of those “trendy” urban graphic design studios. Taking advantage of these services is a great way to bring your signage to the next level of quality and professionalism.

Getting it right with custom signage

There’s no reason to settle for mediocre signage when you attend a tradeshow or exhibition – in fact, there’s every reason for demanding the best. There are going to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of other exhibitors there. How is your brand, your message, and your business going to stand out? By working with a seasoned printing specialist who not only understands the technical ins and outs of large format printing, but knows a lot about branding, design, and messaging as well, you’re bound to get a better result.