Freelance Vs. Professional Graphic Design Services

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With the ever-growing technological advancements, more people are now seeking professional services on freelance websites such as UpWork. So many people are left wondering the best option between freelance and professional graphic design services. The truth of the matter is that both have their pros and cons. Your choice between the two will thus be highly determined by your specific needs. This article looks at the differences between freelance and professional graphic design services.

  • Teamwork

With a freelance graphic designer, you do not get to enjoy the benefits that come with teamwork since they work on their own. This is a disadvantage because if they were to be unavailable for whatever reason, there will be no one to replace them. In addition, they tend to be less effective since there are no workmates to correct or give them new ideas.

Graphic design agencies, on the other hand, work in teams of designers and this provides for room to be corrected whenever they are wrong. They are also learning and integrating ideas, something that makes them able to invent and discover new things each day. For this reason, they tend to be more effective.

  • Availability

Freelancers are best to work with since you can establish a personal relationship with them. However, this becomes a problem whenever they are unavailable. Since no one is there to replace them, that means your project is put on hold, hence inconveniencing you. With a professional graphic design agency, things are much different; they work in teams. It, therefore, means that if something was to happen to the person working on your project, another colleague in the team immediately replaces them.

  • Work Relationship¬†

With a graphic design freelancer, you enjoy a close personal relationship with a professional since you are in direct contact with them. This gives you the chance to explain in detail what your needs are. This way, the freelancer may produce better precise results. A graphic design agency does not provide you with this much needed close relationship since the workers are in groups. This may provide room for mistakes since the person who took your concerns may not be the one working on your project, and some details may be lost in the process.

  • Efficiency

Graphic design companies have an advantage over their freelancing counterparts in that their workers operate in teams or groups. You may even find that a group of five professionals is working on a single project. This makes the work easier and you get your results faster. They also contribute their ideas, and may thus invent new ideas and skills. In the end, what you get is quality results. With a freelancer, they work solely alone; thus no room for new ideas and the project takes time to complete since there is no helping hand. Furthermore, a freelancer is not always available to take your concerns whenever you need them; but for a design agency, most have around the clock customer service.

  • Prices

If you are working on a budget, freelance graphic design professional is your best choice since they have no additional or hidden charges. The size of the budget that you agree is the amount of money that they work with. You also have a chance to negotiate for reduced prices and discounts when working with a freelancer. This is contrary to when working with a graphic design company, where you are met with surprises of hidden charges and you cannot easily negotiate for reduced prices. You are therefore forced to buy the services at a relatively higher fixed price.

  • Specialization

Most graphic design freelancers have specialization in a particular field in graphic designing, for example, e-commerce graphic design. This saves you the time and energy you would otherwise spend while sampling different graphic designers to see who is offering a particular specialty in the industry. Working with graphic design agencies means that you have to first sample several companies to see which one is offering a specific service. On the other hand, a group of professionals working in a group combine ideas and skills and may end up inventing new ideas, unlike a freelancer who is working alone.

The main benefit of working with a professional graphic design agency is that you are going to save money because they buy material in bulk and more often. Since their suppliers know them, they are able to provide them with great discounts. They, in turn, give you discounts on your project since their operational cost is also lowered and this is something that you do not get with freelance graphic designers.