What’s the Difference Between DIY and Professional Printing?

When it comes to running a small or mid-sized business, there is a constant dilemma of deciding where to save and where to spend. With a limited budget, business owners need to be savvy about what constitutes a worthwhile use of their funds. One area where it’s tempting to save is printing. As many offices have large printers, printing promotional or marketing material could be done in house. Nonetheless, there are many instances where you’re better off hiring a professional for a printing job.

Read on to find out the main reasons and situations in which professional printing is a much better option that at-home printing (even if it does cost a bit more).


There’s no doubt that exceptional professional printing will be of much higher quality than anything you can do at home. This applies both to the quality of the paper, which will be specially selected for your job, and the quality of the printing itself. Professional printing will give you the truest-to-life colors, the cleanest lines, and the crispest images to ensure that your final product is polished and perfect.


There are plenty of tasks professional printers can tackle that are tricky (and often incredibly frustrating) to do on your own. Printing customized envelopes or double-sided postcards on cardstock can test the knowledge and equipment of most at home printers. Additionally, there are some jobs that most home printers can’t tackle at all. If you’re printing large scale graphics, you may need a printer with wide-format options — or one that can print to the edge of the paper. This something that most household or office machines simply can’t handle.


Printing a few flyers or a sheet of mailing labels at home is one thing, but if the scope of your job is much larger, it’s best left to professionals. With large batch jobs, professional printing also becomes more cost effective as the cost of each print is lowered. Not only will you pay less per print, but many people attempting a DIY printing job don’t factor in the cost of paper and ink cartridges when calculating costs. For large jobs, these costs can add up quickly, and professional printing isn’t that much more expensive but delivers a much cleaner final product.

Finding a Professional Printing Specialist

If you’re in need of a printing job that is best left to professionals, make sure you do your research to find a qualified and reputable printing specialist. There’s nothing worse than deciding to spend the money on something to have it turn out no better than what you could have done at home.

Look online and check out customer reviews for printing specialists in your area. Get quotes for your job from a number of printing professionals before you settle on one. Be wary of any quotes that are far cheaper than the others — a much lower price likely means that quality will be sacrificed in some way. In many cases, professional printing is a small investment considering the value added to your print projects!