How to Maximize Your Mailing List Potential

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When it comes to mail marketing, there are several components to what makes a successful campaign. What information are you distributing? How are your presenting your product? How often are you reaching out? At the end of the day, though, none of these things matter if your information isn’t reaching the right people.

Choosing who to disseminate promotional materials to is one of the most challenging aspects of direct mail marketing. You want to make sure your mailings end up in the hands of the right individuals — instead of ending up in the wastebasket. This is how your campaign will really have an impact.

So how can you make the most of your mailing list in order to increase your response rate and find the best new customers for your business? Below are three tips that experts recommend when it comes to maximizing your mailing list potential.

1. Opt for a targeted mailing list

When it comes to direct mail marketing, there are mass mailings and target mailings. While some products (e.g. pizza) might be appealing to near everyone, most products and services have a targeted audience and everyone outside that audience is likely to toss a mailing right into the trash.

So instead of wasting time and resources sending out promotional materials to everyone, envision your ideal customer and target that demographic of people. Yes, target mailing requires a bit more planning and is more expensive, but this approach results in a much higher response rate. On top of that, you’re getting more bang for your buck for printed materials because fewer of them are going to get tossed.

2. Know your customer

The more you know about your potential customers, the more you can target your information and mailings to suit their needs and grab their attention. Dig into new research or studies that relate to your industry or the demographic you have identified as your ideal customer. Once you’ve collected some general information, it can be useful to do some research of your own. A market survey can be a great way to find out more about what your current customers value and what their specific needs are, helping you better understand potential customers as well.

3. Get an amplified list

The best direct mail specialists are usually able to provide mailing lists with a variety of data points. In some cases, it might be worth getting an amplified list that includes phone numbers or email addresses. By having multiple means of contacting potential clients, you can maximize the impact of your direct mailing by coordinating with other means of reaching out.

When it comes to choosing a direct mail specialist, you make sure that you are selecting someone with experience in maximizing direct mailing list potential. Keep in mind, not all experience is created equal. Ask around in your network or read online reviews to make sure your potential direct mail specialist has left former customers satisfied. Additionally, look for specialist who has clear fee structures to avoid any surprise expenses down the road.