branded promotional items

How Are Promotional Items Printed?

We’ve all seen countless promotional items that were custom printed with logos and other branding. In fact, these items are so prevalent that we often don’t think twice about them. One thing’s for sure: A favorite pen, or stress ball, or flash drive is something we use because it’s a high quality item, and it’s […]


3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Event Invitations

Special events are happening all the time – chances are, you have one or two of your own coming up in the next year. You might already be planning some aspects of your event, or you may simply have some ideas floating around in your head. Here’s an interesting question to ask: When does your […]

copies of docs

You Need Copies of a Document: Does it Make Sense to Outsource?

Everyone has a copy machine these days. The vast majority of at-home printers can do it all: Print, scan, copy, send documents through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and so forth. But there’s one frustrating aspect of the at-home print business that we all know about: Cartridges. Part of the reason why those machines are sold so […]

direct mailing

Direct Mailing Lists: Where Do They Come From?

By now, you’ve probably figured out that direct mail marketing isn’t going anywhere. The digital revolution changes a lot of things, and the way messaging and advertising are done will never be the same. But reaching customers in traditional, “non-digital” ways is still relevant. All you have to do is check your mailbox to know […]


5 Costly Printing Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Even with the rise of cheap DIY printers and easily accessible print-on-demand stations, professional printing services remain strong and relevant in today’s business world. There are just some projects that are either too large or too important to be entrusted to home and retail printing stations. These are the projects where you need a professional […]

business cards

What Do Your Business Cards Say About You?

If you think about all the things professionals do to make an impression on colleagues, customers, and potential new clients, it really is mind-boggling. People go to great lengths to earn the confidence of others, whether it means working out regularly, investing in new business clothes, paying more attention to finer aspects of grooming, or […]


5 Printing Projects to Leave to the Pros

We live in the age of DIY, and it’s amazing how many things can be accomplished without the help of a professional. Printing is one of the best examples. You can get a very good printer/copier/scanner for less than $100 dollars today, and you can do a lot of things with it. But you can’t […]

direct mail

How to Design a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

No matter what business you’re in, the metrics of success are ever changing. For example, Twitter didn’t exist twenty years ago. Now it’s an important aspect of business networking and communication. Online commerce has changed the way people do business in so many ways, and new technologies are constantly emerging. But there are some things […]